Update on Army Kill Team in Afghanistan: Amerikans Are Still Pigs

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We reported before on an Army “Kill Team” operating in Afghanistan that came to light (click here).

Recently one of these pig soldiers, Jeremy Morelock, pleaded guilty to being part of that “kill team” that deliberately targeted Afghan civilians.  This atrocity was significant not only on the scale of the hideousness inflicted on other human beings, but that it was exposed out in the open.  The U.S. military could not ignore such blatant acts of murder, so it brought the members of this kill team to trial.  Morelock, in exchange for testifying against the other pig soldiers accused, will get 24 years in jail with parole eligibility in seven years.  Hardly justice, but typical for those who kill for imperialism, many of its servants who will never have to face up to their crimes.

According to the Guardian, “In a series of videotaped confessions to investigators, some of which have been broadcast on American television, Morelock detailed how he and other members of his Stryker brigade set up and faked combat situations so that they could kill civilians who posed no threat to them. Four other soldiers are still to come to trial over the incidents.”(1)

The Guardian further mentions how much of a public relations disaster this will be for the U.S. military.  The geniuses who handle the  Pentagon’s PR rightly predict that the story of these U.S. Army sadists who not only killed but took pictures and collected trophies of their victims will affect Amerika’s already fragile image around the world.  Let’s hope it does.  If anyone in the world, including in Amerika itself, is not familiar with what the imperialist United Snakes is about by now, then wake the fuck up already.

Recently the German magazine Der Spiegel released 3 of the estimated 4,000 photos and videos taken by these pigs.(2)  We show them here:

If the facts about the kill team are not enough to get one to hate Amerika, a look at their supporters should be a helpful boost.

Our previous article on this subject, also posted at our old blog, generated a great spike in hits in the past few days due to the recent news about this case.  One unfavorable comment was left by some kracker-ass named appropriately enough “dog shit.”  It is as follows, in all its bad spelling and grammar glory:

“thank you, i didnt know how stupid you and your dumb web site were until i read this ol artical…i just wanted you to know that ive printed out a copy and used it tonight as toilet paper to wipe the shit out of my ass….too bad your faces were”nt close by,,,,,…anyway just thought id drop you a line to let ya know how everythings going and sincerely hope you get the flu again sometime soon …..sincerely your high school buddy….”

So, our alleged high school buddy, who from the looks of it did not even graduate, thinks RAIM and our website are stupid and dumb.  But at least we can write in whole sentences nah nah nah.  And we hope his employer knows about his misuse of the office printer, and his lack of use of toilet paper.  Or maybe he was trying to read it and like typical Amerikans mistook his head for his ass.  Well, we at RAIM can only hope the contents of our article on the Kill Team gets absorbed through this asshat’s bloodstream via his preferred reading method.  And as we always say in Amerika and inside any other First World exploiter countries, Fuck The Troops!


1.  “US soldier admits killing unarmed Afghans for sport.”  http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/mar/23/us-soldier-admits-killing-afghans

2. “Court Sentences ‘Kill Team’ Soldier to 24 Years in Prison.”  http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/0,1518,752918,00.html

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  1. Here are many more photos that document the barbarism of the American military–the same American military that Barack Obama laughably claims is waging a “humanitarian” war on Libya.

    The Kill Team Photos
    More war crime images the Pentagon doesn’t want you to see

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  3. Get the spelling right please, it’s Morlock without the ‘e’.


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