By Nikolai Brown

US Welfare Cuts Increasingly Affect Emerging Non-White Majority, No Coincidence

Low birth rates amongst Whites and migration from exploited countries will lead to the US becoming majority non-White in thirty years. Compared to Whites, this non-White population will also be younger. Thus, it makes sense the Tea Party movement and the Amerikan Right, which is overwhelming White and long accused of being racist, fervently works to eradicate the future quality and availability of social services and welfare.

In a quote from a recent article by Color Lines, entitled “Can You Picture America’s Demographic Future,” research analyst Angela Glover Blackwell breaks it down like this:

“Many in the still-majority white population and political establishment don’t see themselves reflected in the faces of America’s children. They are talking far more about slashing Medicaid and education funding than investing in the dreams and needs of our children.”

It is worth noting Blackwell is selling snake oil with the big-happy-family, “our children” business, but one gets the gist regarding the crackers. The article also features a nifty sideshow depicting the US’s drift away from a Settler majority.

Another factor in White Amerika’s targeted cuts in social spending is the US’s loosening chokehold over the entire world. Not just in changing demographics in the US, but also regarding their position globally, the world Whites have constructed is increasingly unstable.

One ‘social service’ Amerika won’t be scaling back any time soon is the police. In fact, along with private and information security, policing and ‘corrections’ are becoming bigger sectors of the Amerikan economy.

While Whites are championing cutting services expect prisons for the less wealthy in the US, they are also insuring those most affected are not White. For example, the wealth gap between Blacks and Whites quadrupled between 1984 and 2007, due in no small part to the cyclical effect of discrimination, police terror and higher incarceration rates for people of color.

It is useful to clear up an easy misconception: none of this about race. Instead, it is about class. ‘Whites,’ ‘Blacks,’ ‘Mexicanos,’ ‘Natives’: all of these were words made up at certain parts of history to explain and justify slavery, land theft, genocide, colonization and imperialism. The social and psychological imprint carries on into history and shows up in real-time on the individual level as part of identity. Today we see a situation where Whites are trying to reassert Whiteness as their supremacy against changing world conditions.

The solution to this isn’t to save the social services the US provides. To many on the ‘left,’ even non-Whites, this comes as a shocking remark. Yet this comes right back to the question of class and class struggle. Today, the central dynamic is between the exploiter First World and the exploited Third World. Throughout history, Whites actively served Amerikan imperialism because it served them. In the early 1970’s, as part of a strategy against national liberation movements inside the US, imperialism also extended this deal to nationally oppressed communities. Supporting the preservation of social services isn’t a strategy for revolutionary change. Instead, it serves to preserve the social peace in the US, resting on the weight of Third World exploitation.

For much of White Amerika, social services benefiting non-Whites is “socialism.” “Freedom” for most Amerikans includes the ability to draw an income while producing nothing of value, such as the case with cops, security guards, “professionals,” and the middle-aged White retirees that characterize the Tea Party movement. Real socialism will in fact benefit the global majority, and real freedom will result from ending the violence that accompanies global and local disparities. For oppressed people in the US, change won’t come from getting the support of White folks. Instead, it will come from siding with the global majority against much of the White nation and Amerika. US imperialism may provide shiny new things for many in oppressed communities here. Yet, such objects are paid for and come dripping with the sweat and blood of Third World workers. More importantly, they are part of a package that sow complacency in oppressed nations on a domestic level. The liberation of the global proletariat, centered in the Third World, calls for the liberation for all of humanity from all oppression.

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