According to recent reports, the United Snakes is stepping up a covert war in Yemen amidst mounting protests which threatens to topple the US-backed regime there.

In recent weeks, suspected “militants” have been attacked by US fighter jets and unmanned drones. The escalation in US attacks in Yemen comes after Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has ruled the country since 1978 as its first and only president, fled to Saudi Arabia to recover from massive burns and a collapsed lung sustained during a June 3rd assassination attempt. With the local government’s approval, the US has been conducting a unilateral, unofficial war in Yemen since at least December of 2009.

Amidst the escalating US covert war, the ‘Arab Spring’ protest movement in Yemen, now in its fourth month, is inching closer to forming a new government. The civil conflict has left the capital city of Sanaa without electricity. “Militants” have reportedly seized cities in the south of the country.

Each time the United Snakes rushes to stomp out the smoldering embers of peoples’ resistance, new coals heat up. In the Middle East and around the Third World, the US will soon be engulfed in the flames of peoples’ revolution. “Amerika,” as it is said, “must be burned!”

– Nick Brown


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