In a recent exposé in the Nation magazine, Jeremy Scahill describes a dramatic increase in CIA activity in Somalia, including the opening of  a new CIA facility in the capital city, Mogadishu:

“Set on the coast of the Indian Ocean, the facility looks like a small gated community, with more than a dozen buildings behind large protective walls and secured by guard towers at each of its four corners. Adjacent to the compound are eight large metal hangars, and the CIA has its own aircraft at the airport. The site, which airport officials and Somali intelligence sources say was completed four months ago, is guarded by Somali soldiers, but the Ameri[k]ans control access. At the facility, the CIA runs a counterterrorism training program for Somali intelligence agents and operatives aimed at building an indigenous strike force capable of snatch operations and targeted “combat” operations against members of Al Shabab, an Islamic militant group with close ties to Al Qaeda.”

In addition, the CIA has began using a secret prison in the basement of the Somalia National Security Agency headquarters, also in Mogadishu. The US directs covert operations, including drone strikes, from these facilities as part of what it describes as a ‘War on Terrorism’ .

Far from fighting Islamic-inspired ‘terrorism,’  CIA operations in Somalia or any number of countries are part of an ongoing class war, one in which the imperialist First World is pitted against the popular classes and especially the proletariat of the Third World. The US operates in Somalia not to fight Islamic law, such as what it endorses in places like Saudi Arabia. Rather, the US is operating in Mogadishu to maintain and extend its control over Africa, the Middle East and the countries bordering the Indian Ocean. US secret military operations conducted from the Horn of Africa are expressions of imperialism maintaining an exclusive monopoly on effective violence towards the end of perpetuating its rule. Most of all, the US is running CIA ops out of Somalia so it can continue and deepen its rape and robbery of the peoples of the African continent and the Third World.

CIA operations are part of class war against the people. For their part, the people must fight back. This fight back must be directed locally, kicking the Amerikan terrorists and their native lackeys out of Somalia, and internationally, organizing as part of an international united front against imperialism. Such a far reaching vision transcends the horizons of narrow nationalism and can only be organized on the basis of proletarian internationalism. It is from the creation and mobilization of independent organizations of the Somali and Third World proletariat that these dual aspects of proletarian warfare, local and international, can be accomplished.

Imperialism may seem invincible, but this is not true. With revolutionary leadership and organization, time is on the side of the people. The walled compounds and guarded centers of imperialism will be overran by the forces of people’s war and proletarian revolution.

-Nick Brown

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