The plans to make Libya into a subservient state to the U.S. and NATO is getting more complete.  Recent reports tell of the “rebels” in Libya making advances in Tripoli the capital.  The rebels were aided by airstrikes by manned and unmanned aircraft flown by the western imperial aggressors that targeted military and civilian infrastructure.  The pro-imperialist media has been reporting for months, even since the armed conflict began, that the Libyan government led by Gaddafi would fall any instant.  Yet the recent reports predict that the Transitional National Council (TNC) backed by the U.S. and NATO will soon have official governing authority over the whole of Libya, propped up by said foreign forces.  One clear sign of this is the transfer of embassies and seized assets over to the TNC counterrevolutionaries.

The Libya embassy in Washington D.C. was recently reopened and handed over to the TNC.  It was shut down by the U.S. in February just after the U.S. closed the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli.  The U.S. also released $1 billion to $1.5 billion of Libyan assets and handed it over to the TNC.  The State Department gave the TNC another $13 million previously frozen.  This comes right after the U.S. and other countries recognized this group as the sole governing representative of Libya.  A crowd of exiles welcomed the opening.  Supporters of the TNC chanted “Thank you USA.”

The former ambassador to Libya, Ali Aujali, who resigned after the conflict began in February, now switched sides and is ambassador for the TNC.

The so-called rebels got into the pockets of the U.S. and NATO, and were aided by NATO airstrikes.  Even with fighting still going on and uncertainty of the outcome, the western powers are going forward on discussions on how to give monetary aid to the “rebel” government.  Even the World Bank has stated that it is ready to intervene in Libya after Gaddafi is gone.  U.S. Secretary of State Clinton has began talking to the UN about providing aid on humanitarian relief, security assistance (read military occupation in Libya) and things like rewriting the constitution of Libya for the new regime, likely in ways to serve imperial interests.

The recent events show how the TNC and the supposed rebels are agents of western imperialism.  Their leadership is accepted by the U.S. not because they have the support of the Libyan people but they have shown they will bow to the interests of the U.S. and other imperialist powers.  The leadership of the TNC is also very divided in itself, representing many competing interests that may not last long after the main goal of defeating Gaddafi is done, and those same imperial interests fight among themselves for the spoils of war, mainly oil.

It is also not a given that the Libyan people have given in to the invasion.  While the media wants everyone to believe the narrative that the people will accept U.S. intervention because Gaddafi was supposedly a tyrant, the Libyan people know better.  The majority of the people of Libya will not long submit to the occupation of their country by western nations, whether done directly or through proxies.  Whether the resistance to imperialism takes on new forms in the near future will remain to be seen.  Gaddafi has been and is a symbol, one of imperialist resistance, national liberation, and independent development.  He used the wealth of Libya more for its own citizens rather than foreign companies and their countries peoples.  It was likely done for cynical populist motives, and he has waned in recent years with his concessions to the imperialist countries.  Yet with the new puppet governments to come in Libya under imperialism, the populace will get less of their country’s wealth once the West comes into it.  Even without Gaddafi, the anti-imperialist resistance inside Libya must continue.

The TNC by their actions have shown that they are lackeys of imperialism.  Whatever short term benefit those aligned with this faction may think they will get, they must realize that alliances with imperialism will lead to colonial entrapment.  Just like in Iraq and Afghanistan, the toppling of flawed regimes did not stop the resistance against occupation.  Defeat western imperialism and all lackey regimes!  The peoples struggles will continue!

-Antonio Moreno


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  1. I don’t agree with the broader politics of the website below, but it provides some interesting articles that contradict not only the official justifications for the USA/NATO aggression against Libya but also specific Western media assertions like the “rebels” have take over Tripoli, the (non-)capture of Saif Ghadaffi, as well as the idea that the war is over.


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