Previously, reported on the re-founding of the Partido Communista de Honduras. As was mentioned, the re-founding of the group was part of increasing conflict between the Honduran people and the reactionary, lackey, post-coup regime led by Porfirio Lobo Sosa, and increasing resistance by the latter to the former.

This short video (above), by, reports on one incident of social and economic repression by the neo-colonial Honduran regime: a ‘desalojo,’ or eviction, in which a peasant community was razed and its residents left homeless. Such attacks against the peasants of Aguan Valley are part of a larger offensive by the Honduran government in collusion with large, export-driven landowners against peasant producers and their political representatives. Since the video was made, the violence and tragedy of the government offensive has only increased in the region.

The peasants, or campesinos, of Aguan Valley and Honduras have not been passive in the face of reactionary violence. Rather, they are organizing for resistance. As one peasant left homeless explains:

“Ever since the coup, we’ve left behind the foolishness of thinking in terms of traditional political parties that only bring us misfortune. We are with the resistance.”

The video goes on to explain that the campesinos have joined with anti-capitalist resistance groups, and footage of a El Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular (FNRP) rally is shown. The peasants are right to reject conciliatory social-democratic political parties which have dashed their hopes of maintaining themselves as subsistence farmers and small producers. As well, they are right to resist capitalism, the root cause of their dispossession. However, it will take more than resistance for oppressed and exploited people to secure for themselves real and lasting justice, freedom and social equality.

Humanity has two choices. Either the First World will cannibalize the Third World, leading to eventual ruination for all; or the masses of the Third World – the peasants, working class and progressive petty-bourgeoisie, led by the revolutionary proletariat – will struggle against and overthrow capitalist-imperialism, institute a system based on social justice and equality, and lay the groundwork for the ending of all oppression.

The idea of pro-campesinos, radical intervention by reactionary classes- whether the imperialists, the First World masses or Third World compradors- must be disposed of. Each is poised to benefit from increasing dispossession and repression against subsistence and small farmers around the globe. From Honduras and elsewhere, raw materials such as palm oil and its theft forms the basic foundation of social and economic life in the First World and connects it to that of the Third World. It is the very nature of modern class dynamics that the broad masses be ground down and exploited for the benefit of a global minority.

The solutions to the problems poised by imperialism can only be effectively created through revolutionary struggle. This struggle must be of, for and by those exploited and oppressed: those who have ‘nothing to lose but their chains, and a world to win.’  It is the task of the proletariat, the most far-sighted, dedicated and entrenched among them, to bring the spirit and understandings of revolutionary internationalism and class struggle to the broad masses and provide a basic leadership in conflict against capitalist-imperialism.

At the moment, it is hard to tell where the struggle in Honduras is at and which precise direction it is heading. However, one thing is for certain: the Honduran masses and the masses of the Third World can expect little in terms of real help from Amerika and the First World. Rather, the masses of the Third World, both its parts and sum, must rely on its own efforts to throw off the weight of imperialism and lead humanity towards a world without oppression or exploitation.

– Nick Brown


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