This is a statement from the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) concerning the recent UN report on the oil spills in the Ogoniland region of Nigeria, which stated that cleanup from decades of oil spills the companies created would take over 30 years.  We have previously reported on the MEND, and it is clear they are a peoples’ response to the oppression and exploitation by the western oil companies and their lackeys in the government of Nigeria.  The situation in Nigeria merits more attention from Revolutionary Anti-Imperialists, and we will publish here on more articles about them in the near future.  Reposting here does not imply uncritical agreement, affiliation, or endorsement. – Antonio Moreno


The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND)  released a press statement on August 12, 2011 accusing Shell oil company of sponsoring the recently released United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) report regarding oil spills in Ogoniland in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

See full statement below:

The  Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) views the shell petroleum sponsored, U.N report on the degradation of the environment of the Niger Delta and its inhabitants by the deliberately irresponsible activities of western oil companies as a pathetic attempt at trivializing the wave of destruction wrought on the ecology of the Niger delta, the lifestyle and dignity of its people by criminal oil companies occupying the Niger delta forcibly for the sole purpose of plundering the resources of its people.

In accepting the results of the dubious “investigation” Goodluck Jonathan has again proven himself to be complicit, powerless or simply the village idiot of the Niger delta. All this drama is an attempt to reclaim Ogoniland for shell.

The Ogoniland forms a minuscule past of the Niger delta and reckless exploitation of the resources of the delta is widespread. It will take centuries for the ecology of the Niger Delta to near restoration while its people remain scarred. This will cost hundreds of billions of us dollars; after all how much did just one spillage in the United States cost British petroleum? The ecology of the Niger Delta has persistently borne the brunt of numerous spillages of catastrophic proportions yet our moron of a president has the audacity to publicly embrace the levity with which the concerns of the people of the Niger Delta are treated by western oil companies.

The traditional sources of livelihood of the people of this region; fishing and farming have been obliterated by the activities of western oil companies. Young men of the Niger Delta are reduced to menial labourers while their sisters attend to the concupiscence of expatriate workers just for food and daily survival.

We are not deceived by shell’s pretence of concern and MEND, forewarns all oil companies in Nigeria of the battle that is to come. Shell and its counterparts in the oil industry should not waste their booty on irrelevant studies of an environment they chose to destroy.

Oil companies in Nigeria should save as much as they can for the days of darkness which are not afar.

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