In the wake of NATO bombing in support of CIA-backed “rebels” and the fall of the Qaddafi-led government, forces aligned against the newly-installed lackey regime are beginning to wage guerrilla warfare, leaving much speculation about the future of the oil-rich north African country.

NATO, a conglomeration of the Western imperialist militaries, has aligned with a variety of Libyan forces which make up the country’s “rebel” movement, including Islamic fundamentalists. The goal of NATO intervention is to replace the bourgeois nationalist government headed by Qaddafi with one more palatable to the interests of Amerikan and European imperialism.

Anti-imperialists have noted that the fall of the Qaddafi regime would be a blow to the people of Libya, Africa and the Third World. While the consolidation of imperialist rule in Libya is to the direct disservice of people’s struggles everywhere, this outcome has yet to be resolved. The Qaddafi-led government has been overthrown in many key areas. However, resistance to US intervention and their collaborators in Libya continues and has begun to take on a new character- that of guerrilla warfare.

The military forces in direct alliance with the secular-nationalist Libyan government, the Libyan Defense Forces, continue to repel attacks by “rebel” forces in several key cities and have recaptured other strategic points such as the port of Brega. Many of Libya’s sub-Saharan national minority groups are rallying behind Qaddafi against the “rebel”/NATO government. The “rebels” have not yet gained control over the southern portion of the country where most of the oil is located. Africans from neighboring countries are rallying behind the former Libyan government and fighters from north Africa and the Middle East are entering Libya to fight Western control over the region. Snipers are taking out “rebel” troops throughout Libya on a daily basis.

In addition to the gains being made by the Libyan resistance the imposed lackey government, the “National Transitional Council,” is showing no signs of being able to consolidate their rule. In cities nominally controlled by the “rebel” compradors, neighborhoods are filled with residents who still display the green flag of the former bourgeois-nationalist government. Peaceful demonstrations continue against the “rebel” puppet government. Pogroms against Sub-Saharan Africans, labeled by “rebel” commanders as mercenaries, have caused many to flee to refugee camps. The “rebels” themselves have no central chain of command and in some cases are fighting each other. The economy of the cities under “rebel” control have come to a standstill, and the NTC is reliant on direct aid from imperialist sponsors. Elsewhere, soldiers fighting under “rebel” command are refusing orders.

Because the NTC is not capable of subduing the resistance or consolidate a central rule, it is speculated that NATO will be forced to send in a larger military force to “secure” the country. Even if this happens, resistance to Western aggression and control over Libya will continue until the bitter end.

What begins as a step back can end as a step forward. Just as Western imperialism seeks to conquer Libya and north Africa to maintain its larger parasitic rule over the world, sustained people’s resistance and protracted guerrilla warfare against the NATO occupiers and their traitorous collaborators will be one part of imperialism’s larger downfall in the region and around the world. As Ho Chi Minh, the hero of the Vietnamese liberation struggle, stated, “What could be more natural. After sorrow comes joy.”

-Nick Brown


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