This following video of an interview by historian and author Webster Tarpley offers an interesting, geo-political perspective on modern dynamics related to imperialism and militarism. Posting here is for discussion and additional perspective and does not imply uncritical agreement.

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  1. Not sure I believe in or think that it matters that there may be an imperialist camp strategy split between neocons and finance capital led by Sbignew Berzinsky, and that they field their own groomed candidates for president. Extending NATO to encircle Russia and containing China are policies before Obama. Trying to name whether a Principles Committee, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, or Star Chamber controls the government is for conspiracists. Webster Tarpley is playing electoral politics by trying to ping pong voters back into the conservative camp by appealing to a lesser of two evils theory that Democrats usually use. The correct path is anti-imperialist, anti-american, and anti-West.

    • I agree that speculation about micro-factions (splits between neo-cons and Brezinsky) and conspiracies is largely irrelevant. However, contention between NATO and junior partners (i.e. between various groups tied to socially composited capital formations) are not.

      I hadn’t entertained this as Tarpley playing electorial politics, which is true, because that’s not the main meaning to be gained from it from a proletarian internationalist standpoint. Rather, we should be senstive to shifts in ruling class formations. As time goes on, and as the recent vetoed UN SC resolution may indicate, Russia and China may themselves be pull away from US influence as well. The point to be draw isn’t that radicals should vote, campaign or cheer for this or that public face of US imperialism, but that they should be aware of this larger possibility and its implications.

      I’m not really into “correct paths,” as I’m not even sure what that means. Obviously any struggle for liberation is going to be anti-imperialist, anti-american and anti-west in large part. Beyond these abstract negations, I am relatively sure we need analyses which is truley embracing of the conditions of modern class divisions and which can be applied in a way to transfrom extant class struggle into a revolutionary form.

  2. Barack Obama is the face of the American Evil Empire. All this rhetoric about the “West” are just weasel words and euphemisms that American apologists use to avoid calling out the United Snakes by name. This is no different from the many other euphemisms that America likes to hide behind such as the “international community,” “coalition of the willing,” or the “free world.”

    And the only political differences between the so-called “Neocons” and Brzezinksi faction (Neoliberals) are differences in tactics and political mask to achieve the same ultimate goals. That is, all political factions of the American Empire have the same final agenda: expanding America’s global dictatorship (or freedom and democracy, as the euphemistically call it).

    And Webster Tarpley is a former member of the Lyndon Larouche group. Today, he is allied with the nationalist “talk radio” demagogue Alex Jones, where he frequently gives interviews. While some of Tarpley’s analyses are insightful and even helpful at a tactical political level, Tarpley–like most faux antiwar critics–ultimately wants to reform the American Empire in order to save it.


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