[The following was written by Sensei Gregory Lewis of All Power to The Positive! as a response to a discussion about our recent article on the production and distribution of surplus value. Many thanks for his permission to republish these comments and for his continuing work in service to proletarian internationalist struggles. – Nick]

Higher wages and benefits are the ‘privateer’s’ cut of the imperialist bargain.

Even as FW workers see their benefits shrink and disappear and others are literally refused their pay (seasol.net does work around that ‘phenomenon’), they still defend amerikkka and capitalism fully, for the most part. This is why those who openly resist patriotism and identifying with ones national/racial bourgeoisie stand out so much in the FW.

Even in Lenin’s time, this was so:

“Is the actual condition of the workers in the oppressor and in the oppressed nations the same, from the standpoint of the national question? No, it is not the same.

“(1) Economically, the difference is that sections of the working class in the oppressor nations receive crumbs from the super-profits the bourgeoisie of these nations obtains by extra exploitation of the workers of the oppressed nations.

“Besides, economic statistics show that here a larger percentage of the workers become “straw bosses” than is the case in the oppressed nations, a larger percentage rise to the labor aristocracy. That is a fact. To a certain degree the workers of the oppressor nations are partners of their own bourgeoisie in plundering the workers (and the mass of the population) of the oppressed nations.

“(2) Politically, the difference is that, compared with the workers of the oppressed nations, they occupy a privileged position in many spheres of political life.

“(3) Ideologically, or spiritually, the difference is that they are taught, at school and in life, disdain and contempt for the workers of the oppressed nations.” – V.I. Lenin; ‘A Caricature of Marxism and Imperialist Economism: (#5.) Monism And Dualism.’

Before we get off into any deeper analysis of anyone’s line in the FW, let me point out this continuing behavior on the part of the majority of the amerikkkan (indeed most of the ‘western’ left):

“To tell the workers in the handful of rich countries where life is easier, thanks to imperialist pillage, that they must be afraid of ‘too great’ impoverishment, is counter-revolutionary. It is the reverse that they should be told. The labour aristocracy that is afraid of sacrifices, afraid of ‘too great’ impoverishment during the revolutionary struggle, cannot belong to the Party…”— V. I. Lenin; ‘On the Terms of Admission into the Communist International’.

This is why Scott Walker’s recall result (he remains governor) is no surprise to the astute: those who occupied the Wisconsin state capital were not there seeking actual, tangible political power (unlike the folks in Tahir Square or Naxalbiri); the majority of amerikan workers are loyal ‘opposition’ to the empire at best.

All the majority wanted was to be ‘seen and heard’: for their keepers to give them fresh bedding, fresh food, and fresh water; scoop their poop pellets, and grease their exercise wheel. Lol.

This is also why parties, organizations, and coalitions in the FW can led their members in actions and rituals that do not effect the current state/world power(s) hold on power whatsoever and have the members (and leadership) feeling good about themselves.

This is even WORSE when we see parties, organizations, and coalitions in the 3rd world also engaging in what is essentially religiosity and cultism; since this path is much easier and less treacherous than actually engaging the masses (or in the FW, engaging ‘the astute’) and developing correct politics and practices, based upon those interactions and [strong] relationships.

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