The World Black Revolution was the name of a 1966 pamphlet written by Max Stanford Jr. and published by the group he led, the Revolutionary Action Movement.

The group counted Malcolm X as a close supporter and member and was heavily influenced by Robert. F. Williams, who had fled the United States and was in Cuba and then China during the height of the Black Power Movement.

Unlike most other groups which succeeded them, RAM proposed clandestine organizing and an urban guerrilla warfare strategy. Drawing from Lin Biao, the document champions a World Black Revolution of colonized and oppressed people against US-led imperialism and its lackeys. Likewise, this seems to be the first document from the US to support the notion of an international dictatorship of oppressed nations over imperialism.

RAM, one of the first revolutionary Black organizations to emerge in the decade, was also one of the first black organizations to be repressed by the US’  COINTELPRO. Like many individuals and organizations which fought for justice against the US, Max Stanford Jr. (now know as Muhammad Ahmad) and the Revolutionary Action Movement have been ‘erased’ from history.

Until very recently, this document was unavailable. In the course of my research I had stumbled across this group and had even read up on their ‘official’ history as well as more recent accounts, but was never able to find this document. So here it is.

While definitely interesting, as always, reposting here does not imply endorsement, full agreement or affiliation. If you want to learn more about RAM, I recommend the book We Will Return In A Whirlwind: Black Radical Organizations 1960-1975 by Muhammad Ahmad.

-Nikolai Brown

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