We here at anti-imperialism.com would like to take this time to promote an important project organized by comrades here in the Colorado area.  The Tierra Amarilla Youth Leadership Institute is raising needed funds for their project.  We encourage readers to go to their site and contribute.  Go to Money given to this is better spent than on any consumerist purchases in this holiday of consumption.  Go to http://www.indiegogo.com/TierraAmarilla?c=home to make a contribution.

From the fundraising site:

We are raising funds to send a delegation of 55 youth, ages 12-19, to the northern mountains of New Mexico. The money raised will help cover operational costs, which include: daily activities, transportation, supplies, food and medical expenses. The Tierra Amarilla Youth Leadership Institute symbolizes the creation of a community where Mexicana/o youth can learn their history, practice their culture, develop their land and play an active role in transforming society.

This project came out of a land struggle in Tierra Amarilla in the late 80’s.  This town in northern New Mexico has a long history of struggle by Chicano/Mexicano peoples for the rights of their land, and often involved armed struggle.  Land is the basis of national liberation, and the struggles here have a lot to teach for all those fighting for liberation.  Check out the video documentary below for more information about the land struggle in Tierra Amarilla.

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