This was recently posted by our comrades at Onkwehón:we Rising:

Onkwehón:we Rising is a revolutionary internet-based project. It’s primary focus is revolutionary pan-native national liberation struggles. The intention of it is to grow into an ever more collaborative project. That said this project is not welcoming to just anyone pushing any old ideology. We are also not interested in building unity with just anyone, as an uncritical unity is an unprincipled unity. Somethings do not need to be put on a bullet pointed list: Onkwehón:we Rising is revolutionary not reformist, Onkwehón:we Rising is communist. However there are also specifics to the line this site puts forth. To that end we put forward these basic points of unity for anyone interested in becoming involved or otherwise building with us.

What We Understand

1. Onkwehón:we Rising is Understands the World from an Unapologetically Third Worldist, Indigenist & Anti-Colonial Perspective. Onkwehón:we Rising understands that the current capitalist world system is one in which the overwhelmingly majority of humanity located primarily in the peripheral Third World, with a minority in the First World centred within the internal semi-colonies, migrant and prison populations, is ground down and exploited under the weight of a minority of imperialist-led classes. These imperialist-classes are in the current era the numerically dominant bloc in core First World countries. The contradiction between the masses exploited by imperialism and the minority of classes which benefit from imperialism is primary today. It is the struggle to free the oppressed and exploited masses of the Earth that are principally located in the Third World, as well as the the internal semi-colonies, migrant and prison populations of the core, that will bring about global new democracy, socialism and communism.

2. Onkwehón:we Rising Understands and Upholds the Theory of the Labour Aristocracy. Onkwehón:we Rising understands, upholds and applies the theory of labour aristocracy. Because of the ‘wages of imperialism’ the majority of the peoples in the First World countries are net-exploiters. In other words they receive an income greater than the value that they create. This is the result of the heightened exploitation of the majority of the Earth’s peoples located principally in the Third World. This combined with other benefits in the form of social democracy and the status of Whiteness (particularly in europe and the settler-colonies of amerika, kanada, quebec, australia, israel and new zealand) has suppressed the otherwise antagonistic contradiction between the working classes and bourgeoisie of the imperialist nations creating social peace. These workers no longer fit Marx’s classical definition of the proletariat as being “those who have nothing left to loose but their chains.” Indeed these workers have historically organized against the most exploited and oppressed sectors within their own countries and have generally acted as agents of oppression and capitalist-imperialism globally.

3. Onkwehón:we Rising Understands that Global Class Analysis is Essential to the Modern Revolutionary Project. Onkwehón:we Rising contends that the failure to understand the class composition within the imperialist countries as well as the general alignment of forces globally is the key reason for the failure of ostensibly revolutionary forces to organize serious opposition to capitalism and imperialism within the imperialist core, currently and over the course of the last century. A correct understanding of the internal class composition of the imperialist core countries and an understanding of class formations globally is essential for the success of the modern revolutionary project.

4. Onkwehón:we Rising Understands that the Struggle Around Treaties Cannot be an End unto Itself. Onkwehón:we Rising understands that while at times it is necessary for Onkwehón:we to make struggle around Our so-called “treaty rights” in order to resist the final stages of the genocide and assimilation of Our peoples into imperialist First World society we also understand that at the same time struggle around treaties and for Our treaty rights cannot be an end unto themselves. The treaties, whether the Numbered or the Two-Row, amerikan or kanadian, were only ever a formalized legal method to make official the dispossession of Onkwehón:we land, resources and rights from their original owners – Us. There is not a single one that was ever entered into into by the settler nations in what the Kanien’kehá:ka call “Kanikonriio” (good mind, reasonableness), so the sidestepping or complete bulldozing of supposed “treaty rights” by the settler parasites to access the natural resources they and otherwise continue the genocidal assault on Our peoples is neither an unfortunate occurrence nor an illegal occurrence, but one that is to be fully expected in the scope of Our 500 years of relations with western “civilization”. If we as a people are to become truly free we must move beyond the paradigm that focuses on the treaties.

5. Onkwehón:we Rising Understands that the United Nations and Other Imperialist Global Bodies Cannot Act as Vehicles for Our Liberation. Often times combined with the treaty paradigm is one that sees the United Nations, its various constituent bodies and other like-minded world organizations as vehicles through which we can “liberate” Ourselves, often through the idea that we can use them to force the settler-colonial states to obey international law and uphold their treaties with Our various nations. This has become particularly apparent since the adoption by the UN of the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People, but it in fact goes back as far as the 1977 UN Conference on Indigenous Affairs. Onkwehón:we Rising however understands that the UN and other such bodies are bodies created and run by the imperialists and their neocolonial allies. While there are various bourgeois nationalist and other progressive anti-imperialist governments represented within them they are a tiny minority. No body primarily run for and by the imperialists and their allies can ever be a vehicle for Our liberation.

6. Onkwehón:we Rising Understands and Rejects Cultural Nationalism. Our cultures and traditions, both spiritual and political, have long played a powerful role in Our resistance to genocide and conquest. This is because Our traditional cultural values are generally communistic values and hence are fundamentally at odds with the western capitalist civilization that has attempted to encircle and destroy Us since first contact. Because Our traditions represented powerful living counter-examples to the expanding capitalist settler states it was not an uncommon occurrance for settlers to flee their own societies and become citizens of Our nations. Even settlers who were captured in battle, such as Naduah (Cynthia Ann Parker) mother of Quanah Parker, last free chief of the Comanche nation, attempted to return to Onkwehón:we society after (often at the point of settler force) repatriating to settler society. Hence Our cultures and traditions had to be annihilated. This was the basis for the genocidal residential schools run by the amerikan and kanadian states, which sought to “kill the Indian to save the man”. Even today Our traditional cultures play a powerful role in inspiring and driving Our resistance movements. However, we must beware the trap of cultural nationalism. Cultural nationalism teaches that Our traditional cultures on their own can liberate us, that if we drum enough, dance enough, sing enough, smudge enough that we can make Ourselves free. This is a reactionary path that takes us away from reactionary struggle and turns to the battle for the overturning of Our oppressive conditions into one that is purely and solely about individualistic and spiritual self-change. Only when paired with a revolutionary analysis and perspective do Our traditional cultures have the ability to free us.

What We Want

7. Onkwehón:we Rising Wants National Liberation. Onkwehón:we Rising demands national liberation not only for Onkwehón:we, but also for Our brother and sister indigenous nations on this continent Aztlán & Borikén as well the captive (New) Afrikan nation. Onkwehón:we Rising seeks the complete political, economic and social dismemberment of the oppressor settler states on this continent (amerika, kanada and quebec). Onkwehón:we Rising  rejects models and programmes that attempt to assimilate Us and the other captive nations of the settler empire into some kind of socialized settler dominated state. Internationally Onkwehón:we Rising fully supports the struggle for national liberation of the Palestinian people and other oppressed and exploited nations. Additionally within the context of the internal semi-colonies of the imperialist countries we promote the view that Our struggles are a detachment of the wider struggle for global new democracy, socialism, and communism.

8. Onkwehón:we Rising Wants the Total and Complete Liberation of Womyn & Queer People. Onkwehón:we Rising demands a world without hetero-patriarchy, a world without rape, without the sexual exploitation of women and children, a world without gender oppression and imposition, a world where womyn and queer people have total and complete control over their bodies and their identities. Onkwehón:we Rising uncompromisingly supports the participation and leadership of womyn and queer people in proletarian struggles for anti-imperialist, socialist, and communist revolutions towards the end of the complete eradication of hetero-patriarchy.

9. Onkwehón:we Rising Wants an Ecological RevolutionThe revolutions of the past followed too closely the capitalist model of development, a model which sees the natural world as one of infinite resources for exploitation, and something which exists solely to be dominated by humynkind. Capitalist civilization has driven to us a point where the very future of Our planet is in doubt. Onkwehón:we Rising demands a paradigmatic shift in how revolutionary forces view the natural world that surrounds us. Revolutionary forces must also act as guardians of all of Our relations, the animals, the plants, the lands, the seas and the skies. The struggle to liberate the oppressed and exploited nations of the world is also a struggle for the future of Our planet.

10. Onkwehón:we Rising Wants Genuine Allies & Class Traitors. Onkwehón:we Rising wants genuine allies from amongst the ranks the oppressor nations and exploiter countries. Onkwehón:we Rising wants those who are class traitors – individual members of exploiter classes to who choose to side with the world’s oppressed and exploited masses. Onkwehón:we Rising wants them to commit class suicide, to abandon the creature comforts of the parasitic path laid before them over the last 500 years and to instead enthusiastically join hands with the oppressed and exploited and walk down the road of struggle and revolution. Onkwehón:we Rising  wants those who are willing to eschew norms to organize and work for revolution; who forsake their own class for a better future for humanity at large.

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