Last Monday, two explosions occurred near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Many people are injured and some killed in what has been described as an act of terrorism. Bostonians and others around the country describe themselves as being in a state of shock over the event.

Louder than the twin explosions and chaos which ensued in Boston is this deafening silence and complicity of Amerikans towards U.S. militarist policies.

While few were killed in what President Obama described as a ‘cowardly attack,’ unmanned U.S. drones regularly kill civilians in Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Louder than the explosions which ripped through media is the deafening silence of complicity on the part of Amerikans toward such policies carried out in their names.

The mundane ‘normalcy’ of life in the United States and other bourgeois enclaves does not simply stand in contrast to the overt and structural violence carried out against peoples throughout much of the Third World. Rather, it is a product of it.

Thus, more frightening than explosions is the malignant carefree existence it interrupts.

Amerikans often pride themselves of their common sense and timeless judeo-christian wisdom.

Accept the following words as the only consolation which can be had for such an event as Monday’s bombing: what you sow, you reap.

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