Throughout the United States, Klamerikans will be joining hands in fascistic celebration of its rapists and murders foot soldiers for imperialism public mercenaries “heroic soldiers.” In light of this disgusting display of imperialist jingoism, we bring you this message: “Fuck the Troops!”

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  1. This is the most realistic view of the character of u$ troops that I have seen all memorial day week-end. The sad part is that many people in amerikkka support these acts as part of the “healing process”. They won’t even deal with the fact of sexual harassment (one in three women of the u$ military are victims of rape by their fellow troops). As the ancient saying goes “…heal thyself”.

  2. You are not alone in your thoughts and not all of us living in amerikka support these killers and rapists. memorial day, like veterans day, july 4th etc. are justr wasted time on these fools and this country


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