By Aqil Abu Dharr
Imperialism has been envisioning and working toward a Middle East under their control and domination for a long time. The State of Israel is a bulwark for imperialist domination. It was imperialism that imposed Israel upon the people of Palestine without their approval and it is imperialism which maintains this Zionist state. Likewise, the Al-Saud family was given the nation-state of Saudi Arabia (the only nation named after a family) by western imperialism. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia are anchors of imperialism within the unpredictable sea of the Middle East. After all is said and done, these two proxies of u.$. imperialism depend upon each other for survival.
Any and all anti-imperialist revolutions in the region are opposed by both the Zionist and Saudi nation states. During the 1950s, Egypt, Iran, Syria, and Iraq all rebelled against the imperial order for a time before being crushed or co-opted back into the imperial orbit. Later, Yemen, Libya, and Iran liberated themselves. All were opposed by the imperial anchors. In Lebanon, the most successful anti-imperialist movement is Hezbollah.
The survivors of these anti-imperialist revolutionary movements are the Islamic Republic of Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and- let’s not forget- the Palestinian Liberation Movement. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, among others, are alive and kicking mainly because of the masses of Palestinians who support them. But their survival may not have been without the staunch and unwavering support of Syria and Iran. Hezbollah too, thrives today not just because of the support of the Lebanese people but also because of the aid of Iran and Syria.
What is happening in Syria today is an attempt by u.$. imperialism via Israel and Saudi Arabia to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad because of the role Syria plays in supporting the anti-imperialist resistance. The Zionist and Saudi states support the insurgency as they also supported the overthrow of Moammar al-Ghadafi in Libya. The mercenaries or “rebels” which make up the “Free Syrian Army” are failing miserably in their attempt to install an imperialist friendly regime in Syria. Turkey and Jordan have also aided the imperialists in their quest to overthrow Assad. Last Friday, Turkey sent fighter jets toward Syria as the real Syrian Army and Hezbollah secures Qusayr – a town on the Lebanese border where “rebels” had a stronghold from which they fired missiles into Lebanon. The mercenaries have successfully spread sectarian violence in both Lebanon and Iraq to destabilize any anti-imperialist resistance.
The people of Turkey are protesting their government’s involvement in Syria. Protests have been widespread and growing in Turkey and popular demands for the prime minister Erdogan to step down are making headlines. Erdogan is seen as a loser. He threatens war with Syria but didn’t have the guts to do anything substantive against Israel when the Zionists murdered 9 Turkish citizens attempting to bring humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. Turkey will be a big loser if they don’t remove this coward from office. Of course the real problem is Turkey’s alliance with imperialism. They are a NATO member and that is why the u.$. and Israel are calling on Turkey to start the fire of war with Syria. The fanatic mercenaries have lost both credibility and ground in Syria—enter Turkey, or Jordan, or the u.$. troops in Jordan as of this writing. Israel has already bombed Damascus twice! No wonder Syria received S-300 missiles from Russia, a Syrian ally for decades. I’m no lover of Putin or Russia, but Russia’s dissension from imperialist meddling in the Middle East is a positive thing for the anti-imperialist resistance.
In many discussions about Syria in imperialist media, leftists and liberal interventionists attempt to excuse the foreign intervention by mercenaries by equating them with the internationalist fighters who helped the Spanish Republic during the Spanish civil war. Those brave comrades are turning over in their graves—they FOUGHT AGAINST FASCISM in Spain. On the contrary, the mercenaries fighting Assad ARE THE FASCISTS! The real Syrian Army and Hezbollah and any who are fighting to preserve the anti-imperialist resistance in Syria today are the popular forces resisting imperialism, fascism, Zionism and sectarianism. May they be victorious! Forward to Global People’s War! Allahu Akbar!

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  1. I really think this article is overplaying the Israeli involvement in this conflict. In reality Israel is between a rock and a hard place. On one hand they have Assad, an Iranian ally, but a man with whom they have had a truce for years, and they can predict what he will do. On the other hand, they have the “Free” Syrian Army, a group of fanatical religious zealots whose talk of opposing Zionism is certainly more than talk, with potential access to Syrian WMD (The rebels have already deployed Sarin) . This is not to say Israel will not intervene on one side or another if they feel the need. They’ve already used the conflict to press their advantage in the Golan. However. I just haven’t seen any clear evidence that Israel is directly involved in this conflict beyond that. Further I really think that it is Turkey and the Gulf Sunni Monarchies along with the US are the main offenders in this case, as was stated above. Turkey has taken the opportunity to briefly invade Syria to attack Kurds in the area, and is openly supporting the rebels. In reality this is more of a regional war between the Sunni states (including Turkey) and the US against the Shi’a states, Iran being the main enemy. Iran of course being the main enemy because of its consistent stand against American Imperialism. Whether Israel has a “side” in the Syrian conflict is really not quite clear.

  2. Israel has always opposed Syria’s support for Hezbollah and the Palestinian resistance. In case you missed the news, Israel has bombed Damascus twice during this war on the Syrian people. None of Israel’s actions were against the “rebels”. They aren’t between a rock and a hard place—clearly they want regime change in Syria. The political masters of the mercenaries failing to overthrow Asad are the u.$ and e.u. Their support coming from Saudi Arabia and other Arab states are no real threat to Israel. Compradors leading the Arab states like to say things but never follow throughstates aare

    • Their rhetoric has nothing to do with reality. As David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first president said: “our first line of defense are the Arab states…”. Syria and Iran’s support for Hezbollah and the Palestinian liberation movement are real. Actions speak louder than words. Mercenaries under the control of imperialism aren’t a threat to Israel. The Palestinian liberation movement, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran ARE threats to the zionist state. That is the reason for this war.

      • I would generally agree. But you seem to think that the US and imperialist countries have total control over these rebel fighters. If the US were to order the rebels to stand down, would they? Is it outside the realm of possibility that these fanatical rebels will want an outright war with Israel? What happened to those exact same mercenaries in Afghanistan when they were done serving US imperialism? All I am saying is that Israel could come out bad either way, and it is not 100% clear where they stand. Of course they hate them all, but who do they hate more? BTW I did not mean to imply that Hezbollah or the others resistance to zionism is just lip-service. I meant that these rebels are far less rational people than the leadership of Iran, Syria, or Hezbollah, and much more likely to plunge the region into further chaos. I was simply making the point that it is possible that Israel could could potentially see Assad “as the devil you know” so to speak, while still pressing their advantage to weaken him. Further, I have read the news, and as I stated, Israel would not and did not (in the Golan for example) hesitate to push its advantage against Syria. I just think this situation is a lot more complex than I think you make it out to be.

      • I respectfully disagree. Imperialists aren’t stupid. They have always selected the most reactionary school of Islam for their dirty work. They did it in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc. In Libya, a militia which didn’t receive their perceived portion for helping overthrow Ghadaffi turned against them. They lost an ambassador and 3 others but their objective was successful. On the contrary, I believe not just you but many others downplay Israel’s role and interest in this conflict..

  3. More about Israel’s role in supporting the cannibals…I mean… pro-democracy activists of the Free “Syrian” Army:

    Austrian UNDOF Officer withdrawn from Golan Confirms Large-Scale Israeli Support of Terrorists


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