This question recently came to us via comment, and it is a question we frequently get from those outside our movement. While we typically offer more direction and coordination for RAIM cadre, the below answer represents our basic public strategy which anyone can follow.

How can a First Worlder be effective beyond supporting third world nationalist struggles? What to do at home?”

The answer to the question requires two parts: first, strategic tasks; and second, the forms and methods of work through which these tasks are accomplished.

Strategic Tasks

Our tasks describe our basic goals: what we want to accomplish.

Our primary task is to develop awareness, engagement, and adoption of Maoism (Third Worldism) and opposition to First Worldism on the international stage.

Locally, within First World countries, we aim to:

  1. Develop public opinion in support of global new democratic and proletarian revolutionary struggles.
  2. Promote and aid national liberation consciousness and action.
  3. Develop subjective conditions conductive to future revolutionary movements, including future organizational, social, an ideological revolutionary nuclei.

These tasks are intimately related and mutually reinforce each other.

For example, the development of a revolutionary situation in imperialist countries will depend, in great deal, upon structural crises to the imperialist system. Such crises can best be delivered and sustained by the growth and success of revolutionary forces internationally. The growth and success of revolutionary forces internationally depends in great deal on the defeat of First Worldist revisionism, a battle against which we must consciously engage. Finally, our work to build solidarity in the First World for global new democratic, proletarian, and national liberation struggles hastens the necessary victory over First Worldism while simultaneously building the subjective forces for revolution within the First World.

Forms and Methods of Work

While RAIM has set several precedents with regards with the forms and methods of work (including activism and protest organizing, public and private political education, and internationally-visible media work), these should not be seen as the natural limit of ways to manifest our goals. In reality, any number of practical tasks could be oriented toward advancing our basic strategy. As an organizational requirement, all members of RAIM must be consistently engaged in projects which directly or indirectly advance our goals.

As an organization, we are not interested in dictating the technical and practical details of cadre projects. Instead, we hope to create a broad network of mutual assistance for the greatest collective effect of said projects.

Above all, comrades should be creative. If non-RAIM comrades really can not think of practical ways to helps us accomplish our basic goals, they can contact RAIM members for specific instructions. Ideal comrades have a high level of creativity, political integrity, and personal discipline both generally and in political work.

Comrades do not need each other’s permission before engaging in this or that form of practical work which advances our basic tasks. The best projects are self-initiated and act in solidarity with the rest of the Maoist (Third Worldist) and Global New Democratic movement.

Dare to struggle, dare to win!

— Nikolai Brown

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