One important aspect of Maoism (Third Worldism) is bringing up the conditions of the international proletariat on a global scale. It is easy for those in the privileged Western world, even on the self-described Left, to narrow their vision to its own national borders, to be concerned with “our” so-called workers.

It is the nature of capitalism to turn everything into a commodity, even symbols of resistance. The Guy Fawkes mask, marketed from the movie V For Vendetta, has become a popular item in many Western protest movements. This meme above was likely not created by someone who identifies with Maoism (Third Worldism) but it correctly conveys an internationalist perspective. These masks, along with almost every manufactured consumer item, was produced by a worker in the Global South in superexploitative conditions. The particulars of these masks is that they are used in nominally left protests in the countries of the Global North. As the wealth of the core countries of the Global North is based upon imperialist exploitation of the periphery countries of the Global South, these protests convey First World chauvinism. It is the duty of revolutionary internationalists to oppose this First Worldism and build for anti-imperialism and national liberation, in a sense bring true internationalism.

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  1. The so-called Western left is the left wing of the Imperialist West. Nothing more.

    This is especially true for the American Left as a class. Despite their anti-capitalist or anti-imperialist propaganda mask, the American Imperial Left (or AIL) seeks to maintain their own illegitamate way of life and privilege that they possess as a result of being imperial US citizens. They know damn well that American global supremacy is the economic and geopolitical foundation of everything they themselves possess as Americans.

    Thus, the American Imperial Left functions as a phony opposition in that it manipulates and molds the terms of “left” political dissent in the realm of public debate.

    On particular cunning tactic that the American Left deploys is to minimize blame for the American Empire’s crimes by shifting it onto either so-called US rival and enemy nations or abstract euphemisms like “globalism,” “international banksters,” “imperialism,” or even “first worldism.”

    Moreoever, this American Left seeks to focus attention only on the US ruling class as an enemy, while ignoring the reality that the American middle class and “working” class (i.e., labor imperialist class) are all utlimately part and parcel of this criminal American system.

    When push comes to shove, the American Left knows how and where their bread is buttered–and it is with the American Empire.

  2. This is the most straight forward critique of the amerikan left i’ve ever read. Go straight to the point of material benefit! Love the catch phrase–amerikan imperial left. Write on fcuk america!


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