We at RAIM and have long promoted the book by Lin Biao, Long Live the Victory of Peoples War, as a required reading in understanding Maoism (Third-Worldism). Written in 1965, it advanced the thesis of the center of world revolution as the Third World. As the Chinese Revolution revolved around the peasant base in the rural areas surrounding and overtaking the urban areas in a protracted peoples war, LLVPW advocated this on a global scale. The Third World countries were the global countryside and the First World were the global cities. This work helped to advance Maoism as a universal ideology of revolution.

In my research I found that this idea of the global countryside was advanced even earlier than LLVPW by Aidat, a top theorist in the Indonesia Communist Party (PKI), around 1963. The PKI at this time was the third largest communist party in the world at the time, and had close contacts with China. Here is a quote from a speech by Aidat in 1963:

“On a world scale, Asia, Africa, and Latin America are the village of the world, while Europe and North America are the town of the world. If the world revolution is to be victorious, there is no other way than for the world proletariat to give prominence to the revolutions in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, that is to say, the revolutions in the village of the world. In order to win the world revolution the world proletariat must go to these three continents.” (1)

It is significant to know that this idea was advanced earlier by others outside China, and may have had an influence on this work by Lin. We will do more research on this, and encourage others to do the same.

-Antonio Moreno

1. D. N. Aidat, Set Afire the Banteng Spirit! Ever Forward, No Retreat! (Peking: Foreign Language Press, 1964). Cited in Chalmers Johnson, Autopsy on People’s War (University of California Press, 1973), p 64.

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  1. Dear Antonio
    Thank You for the interesting information, and homepage in general. The Group I belonged to, had some relation with PKI in the 60ties. We try to help cadres who where stranded i Easteurope after 65, back to Indonesia.
    Check: (the paracitestate) it has an English section now -which will have much more soon. I think You might find it interesting, our views are similar.
    Torkil Lauesen

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