Iraq 2003: U.S.A. invades based on proven-false pretenses based on Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Afghanistan 1978: The U.S.A. and CIA become alarmed by the secular People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan. They start to beat the drums of “honorable, courageous freedom fighters against tyranny” and trained, armed, funded the sectarian extremist groups of the Taliban-Muhajedeen, Hisb-i-Islami, to overthrow the Afghan government.

Central America 1980s: Hundreds of thousands of indigenous peoples are killed through a genocidal campaign by U.S. armed, trained and funded terrorist-extremist-death-squads, “honorable and courageous freedom fighters fighting against tyranny”, looking to bleed any suspected sympathizers of socialism.

Libya 2011: With the aid of U.S.-Western-Oil kingdom bombs, money and arms, foreign Islamists and other extremist mercenaries (“honorable and courageous freedom fighters fighting against tyranny”) successfully hijack what was initially a legitimate uprising concerned with social improvement, and overthrew the government of Muammar Gaddafi.

Syria 2013: The war drums beat to overthrow the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad on the basis of chemical weapons and “aiding those honorable and courageous freedom fighters.” There is a large-scale propaganda campaign paving the way for a new front. The so called “free press” of the United States continues to report Assad’s use of chemical weapons as proven fact, and have already moved on to beating the war drums for the flag-waving masses. But this crucial conflict deserves investigation beyond the circus of propaganda offered through CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, BBC, NBC, NPR, VOICE OF AMERICA, and other, mutant abominations.

Perpetrated by the imperialist forces of the West and extremist allies linked to Al-Qaeda, this new front aims to topple the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad. If there’s anything more absurd than the former colonial powers of a region swarming in for yet another “humanitarian intervention”, it has to be the deliberate amnesia of the populations within those colonial powers’ borders.

According to an August 19th Reuters poll, 60% of Americans are opposed to military action against Syria. Encouraging as these results might seem at first glance, there are two major issues: One: Whether approved by the population, international and domestic law or not, the U.S. is already deploying military maneuvers near Syria, now 5 warships at sea, in preparation for possible cruise missile strikes against Assad’s government. The British were originally expected to join. Two: The opinion poll doesn’t display the grossly manufactured and deliberate misunderstanding that the U.S. public holds about the conflict. Amongst points to be discussed briefly are: Who is Bashar al-Assad and who are the “rebels”? What is the Western role and goal? Who fired the chemical weapons? What moral aptitude or “right” does the West have in intervening? How does this war reflect the failure of capitalism and global class dynamics?

Looking back in history, there was an attempt by the CIA to overthrow Syria’s regime in 1957, that’s four years after they successfully overthrew the nationalist government of Iran. Nevertheless, Syria’s Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party has been in power since 1963. Its ideology strives towards anti-colonialism, anti-imperialism, and anti-religious sectarianism. Mujahedeen extremists that took over Afghanistan with the aid of the U.S. were engaged in a struggle against Syria’s government around the same period. They however failed in Syria. Extremists of the Sunni sect have long since staged riots against the Syrian heterodox Shiite sect of Alawites, which Assad belongs to. The stated extremists see this sect as a group of heretics, atheists, and enemies of Allah. As in Libya, Islamist “rebels” have been flown into Syria from other countries including Saudi Arabia, Chechnya, Qatar, Africa, Kosovo and so on. We should remember that these “freedom fighters” want to establish a cleansed Syria, a campaign against all other sects, especially those from the cloth of Bashar al-Assad. Nothing short of genocide and Sharia Law will satisfy these“rebels”. Assad has been on continual guard against a resurgence of Sunni Islamic fundamentalists. He would have been victor in the current “civil war” if it weren’t for the strengthening of these “freedom fighters” by the U.S. and their allied Kingdom dictatorships like Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia-who have brutally put down Arab Spring revolutions in their own countries, but the U.S. and its media don’t care to mention for obvious reasons.

What the U.S. is involved in could very well be an imminent war with Iran, drawing in Russia, China, not to mention the ethnic cleansing of the Syrian population. But to argue that U.S. imperialism is concerned with long-term disaster is to deny history.

Let’s remember that the same “enemies” the U.S. claims to battle globally, are the same enemies that Washington has mobilized against Assad. The aim of colonial powers like Amerikkka and the British is one concerning only their hegemony in the region. It has absolutely nothing to do with humanitarian aid, freedom, rights, or any of the empty rhetoric thrown around by sock-puppet hypocrites of Amerikkka.

Let’s consider Iran, which has been under severe, U.S.-led economic sanctions, still failing to topple its regime. This country continues to be a thorn in Uncle Sam’s spine, a deterrent to absolute U.S. domination over the region, hence the manufactured Iranian nuclear scare. One of the desired outcomes of Assad’s fall would be the isolation of Iran and preparation for a war against it. Syria is arguably the last serious ally of oil-rich Iran. The Hezbollah militia of Lebanon play a role in the covert logic behind the West’s intervention as well. Hezbollah is largely a concern for the Ameriklan sister called Israel, recipient of $3Billion annually from the U.S. You need only study colonial Israel’s crimes against the occupied Palestinians to understand the larger picture at hand.

To this day, no one has proof that Assad carried out the recent chemical attack. The Syrian army found makeshift rockets and chemical weapons inside storage units used by the “rebels”. A previous chemical weapons strikes in Syria was determined by UN inspectors to be fired by the “rebels”. This was blatantly ignored by U.S. “press-titutes” after the latter revelation, but you can be assured massively reported before the UN investigation. After the latest famous strike, the U.S. government and its PR company called the media, have reported the guilt of Assad as proven fact. The UN has refused to report the results of their findings so far. It begs the question, why would Assad, with UN inspectors in the country at the time, fire chemical weapons at a Syrian army stronghold? A member of the terrorist al-Nusrah group, another “freedom fighting” crew in Syria, has admitted guilt for the strike but that’s irrelevant in a press concerned with omitting journalism. They didn’t seem very interested in the videos of Syria’s “freedom fighters” mutilating and cannibalizing corpses of Syrian army soldiers either. It might speak to the moral character of the courageous rebels. We don’t want that.

Hypocrites like O-bomb-Ah and John Kerry love to speak of Assad’s “moral obscenity” and how “there must be accountability for those who would use the world’s most heinous weapons against the world’s most vulnerable people”. Suppose Assad fired the weapon, highly unlikely as we have seen, but suppose he did. What gives Amerikkka, of all places, the moral aptitude to intervene? What Kerry said above is exactly what Kerry and his henchmen endorsed and committed abroad. The U.S.A., the same country that bathed Asia’s people and subsistence in chemical weapons, the same country that used chemical weapons in Iraq, the same country that aided Saddam Hussein in his chemical warfare against Iranians, etc. The answer is nothing. Nothing gives the U.S. any moral reason for intervention. It does however give it grounds to arm terrorists and intervene for the need of hegemony-absolute global dominance, the need of empire, the need of desperate capitalist consummation, privatization of resources, new markets and new commodities.

According to an article by David North and Alex Lantier, world capitalism is in the fifth year of its deepest crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s, which led to World War II. The U.S. and Europe are confronting ever-worsening social gaps and class tensions produced by growing inequality, mass unemployment, devalued currencies, large national debts, bankruptcies, a drop in wages and overall living standards, from Detroit to Greece. The war against Syria serves to focus these social tensions outward, including the political crisis provoked by Edward Snowden’s revelations of the growing police state apparatus where citizens and allies alike are under surveillance. More importantly, this launching of another catastrophic war, which could very well lead to World War III, serves as the only point of agreement and “solution” amongst capitalist-imperialist’s internal conflicts and their failing system. European powers are nothing more than pets of the U.S. searching to share the plunder. Inherently colonial powers like the U.S., Britain, and France search to legitimize their own looting operations, such as the recent invasion of Mali by France. Make no mistake, military criminality is sought after to revive a failed economic system, no longer sustainable. We must also consider that a mere cement crack in the First World, equals a sink hole in the Third World. This explains the root of apathy held by the average Ameriklan who would stand a short-term benefit from the exploitation of Syria, and inevitably Iran. It is the world’s majority, those in Third World poverty, who will suffer the greatest repercussions.

However, an imminent global conflict and what the CIA calls “blowback” are not far off for First Worlders content in a bubble of illusions where the United States has no plan, but the “righteous plan”. They need not consider that the Earth is a large planet of diverse peoples in need and diverse resources in greed. In Amerikkka, only Amerikkka exists. The plan of the “righteous ones”, sent abroad to defend freedom and humanitarian law yet again, are accepted universal truth only denied by “terrorists, atheists, and freedom haters”. And though every four years Amerikkka pretends to vote between opposing parties, the one party that actually exists will be sure to continue the path of pillage, rape, plunder, and devastation until the last of us drops dead. The free press will be there to inform Ameriklans what a great job they did, and that Miley Cyrus is up to something of dire urgency. Turn off your “journalists”, turn off your politicians, “defeat their image and the enemy will die”. All the life on Earth, absent of national boundaries, faces two choices: Destruction or Socialist Revolution.


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  1. Last week, I attended 3 rallies against u$ intervention in Syria. Two in St. Louis and one in Columbia, MO. The response of the motorists and passers-by is overwhelmingly against u$ actions in Syria! Nevertheless, imperiali$m had made plans years ago on how to “reshape” the middle east. Syria, along with Iran and Korea are on the list for regime change. This article has it right. Revolution is the only solution. They are made by people with nothing to lose–proletarians. People living within imperialst nations have too much to lose and want to keep this way of lifellllife

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  3. […] accomplished something of world-historic importance: it has united both the imperialists and the anti-imperialists against it. Eastern imperialism led by Russia arms Bashar al-Assad to the teeth, Western […]

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  5. […] accomplished something of world-historic importance: it has united both the imperialists and the anti-imperialists against it. Eastern imperialism led by Russia arms Bashar al-Assad to the teeth, Western […]


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