According to a recent poll, over three-quarters of French citizens agree with recent comments by Manuel Valls, a [National] Socialist French Interior Minister, that Roma are “different” and “will have to return to Bulgaria and Romania.”

Roma, or Romani (historically known by the pejorative “Gypsies,” implying their supposed Egyptian or otherwise non-European origin), migrated from modern-day northwest India to Southern, Central, and Eastern Europe between around 1000 and 1400 CE and were historically conferred a minority or exclusionary social status. In recent times, Roma have been the victim of genocidal persecution and institutional violence, notably during the Holocaust and today through forced sterilization of females in some countries.

The recent comments by the nominally-socialist French minister as well as the public response are indicative of a larger rising tide of fascistic reaction by members of nations which have historically benefited from colonialism against those who have been excluded, oppressed, or exploited. Even among those French outraged by Valls’ comments there are strong elements of chauvinism. A Green Party Housing Minister reportedly commented, “It’s not acceptable to say that there are categories [of people] … whose background makes it impossible for them to assimilate,” thus implying French society is inherently better and that Roma should integrate with French, not the other way around.

The poll also reveals the fascistic nature of social democracy, as it necessarily excludes those outside its tutelage. Thus, social-democracy has the dual characteristic of social-fascism against oppressed people. It is notable that these comments were made by a nominal-socialist, which begs the questions, ‘socialism for whom?’ and equally important, “and against whom?”

For Communists inside the belly of Western imperialism, it is necessary to oppose reactionary ideologies associated with social-fascism and to unite all those who can be united, not simply in defense of oppressed people, but support of joint struggle by the proletariat and oppressed peoples for global new democratic revolution, real socialism, and communism.

Nikolai Brown

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