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The Revolutionary Cascadian Communist Movement (RCCM) wants to create an egalitarian, environmentally sustainable global society and eliminate all forms of systemic oppression, exploitation, and class division. RCCM wants to create a world with political, social, and economic equality for all people, a world in which technology is used in balance with nature and for the benefit of all, a world without violence and unnecessary suffering caused by greed and lust for power. RCCM wants to create a communal society in which all people have shared access to resources. RCCM understands that only the elimination of capitalism, imperialism, and all other forms of oppression can lead to a truly free world where all people receive dignity, respect, and equal treatment. RCCM understands that until the destruction of the environment for profit under capitalism is halted, the global ecosystems will continue to degrade and collapse.

The world right now is a mess, with massive social and environmental problems that need to be addressed in a realistic way. Mainstream political thinking has gotten us into this mess. The most destructive form of oppression we see in the world today is imperialism. The wealthy, imperialist nations use their accumulated power to brutalize and rob the poor nations of their land, labor, and resources. When capitalism reaches an advanced stage, it develops into imperialism, as capitalism’s ever-expanding markets seek wider and cheaper access to resources and labor. This constant expansion of the market is at the expense of the environment, indigenous nations, workers, and the poor. RCCM stands in support of the environment and humans who are oppressed, exploited, brutalized and victimized by the capitalist-imperialist system. RCCM promotes education and organization to stop this ongoing destruction of humans and the environment. RCCM wants to build a culture of resistance based upon critical analysis, organization, and discipline.

What is communism? What is socialism?

Communism is not, as many believe, a tyrannical dictatorship. Communism is a theoretical system that has not yet been achieved, in which there is no more systemic oppression, class division, and exploitation, the means of production and distribution are collectively managed for the benefit of all, everyone works according to their skills and interests and receives according to their needs, and the state is dismantled because it is no longer necessary. Communism means total liberation for all of humanity.

Socialism is the transition from capitalism to communism. There have been numerous socialist experiments, as well as many forms of pseudo-socialism and phony socialism not intended to reach communism. Many people confuse the terms “socialism” and “communism,” without any understanding of what the words actually mean. Socialism means, in essence, class struggle. Socialism is the struggle against oppression and inequality, the struggle to overthrow oppressors and create an equal society. When a socialist adopts a political line that runs counter to the idea of class struggle towards communism, it is called “revisionism.” There have been many revisionist socialist regimes, but also some truly revolutionary socialist movements that have existed. Mistakes have been made in socialist experiments, but, unlike the goal of capitalism which is to obtain more wealth through greed and exploitation, the real goal of socialism is to reach communism: the liberation of all people.

What is Marxism?

Marxism is revolutionary science. Marxism is science applied toward class struggle. Marxism is the analysis of class forces. Marxism is the science of how communism can be achieved through revolution and class struggle against capitalism and oppression. Marxists have the same end goal as anarchists: both want an egalitarian world without class division or oppression, a world in which there is no more state. However, Marxists apply revolutionary class analysis in examining the possibilities for revolutionary organizing. Marxists understand the need for oppressed peoples to organize, unite, and take state power away from the capitalists and imperialists.

The state is an instrument of oppression, a tool for one class to subvert the interests of another class. The capitalist state is a tool for the rich to subvert the interests of the poor. The socialist state is a tool for the poor to subvert the interests of the rich, a tool for the poor to create a world of equality and environmental stability. As long as a geographic area is dominated by capitalist state power, it will be operated in the interests of capitalism and against the interests of the global masses. The socialist state should exist to protect the development of socialism and communism, as capitalist-imperialism will attempt to destroy any real attempts at revolution. Marxists aim to eliminate the state under communism but understand that until capitalist-imperialism is dismantled, it is necessary for socialism to take state power to defend against capitalism’s attempts to destroy or subvert the revolution.

What is Third Worldism?

Many self-identified Marxists uphold an incorrect political line due to poor class analysis, often disregarding global class analysis and only focusing on local conditions. It is important to retain a global perspective when looking at systems of oppression, because local systems of oppression do not exist in a vacuum– they are related to and overlap global systems of oppression. Many so-called Marxists ignore the role of the First World masses in supporting and perpetuating the capitalist-imperialist system. These incorrect Marxists tend to view workers in the First World as part of the same economic class as workers in the Third World– referring to both as the “proletariat.” However, one class of people works under brutal sweatshop conditions to produce throw-away goods for the other class. The First World masses derive a high degree of material privilege from the ongoing super-exploitation of the Third World masses. Due to imperialism, the masses of the First World receive much higher wages and consume much more in terms of energy and resources than the masses of the Third World. The widespread environmental destruction we see today is largely a product of the First World consumerist lifestyle which drives the capitalist market system. Due to this imperial privilege, the First World masses largely support the capitalist-imperialist system and cannot be considered an economic class ally of the Third World masses. Third Worldism is the understanding that the political and economic divide between the First World and Third World is of primary significance in global class analysis.

What is Marxism-Leninism? What is Maoism?

RCCM upholds Maoism-Third Worldism as the most advanced form of Marxist class analysis to date. Maoism-Third Worldism is a branch of Marxism-Leninism. Initially, Marxism established the theory of revolutionary class struggle towards a classless, stateless society termed communism. Marxism identified the primary contradiction in class relations to be the division of society into bourgeois and proletariat, the owners and the workers, the rich and the poor. Marx proposed that the poor should unite, overthrow the bourgeoisie, and establish socialism and then communism. Lenin expanded upon Marx’s ideas with the idea of a revolutionary vanguard party necessary to lead the struggle and the idea of constructing “Dual Power” to protect from capitalist aggression. Mao developed the idea of “People’s War,” acknowledging the strength and revolutionary potential of the peasantry as well as their capacity to wage guerrilla warfare. Mao also placed strong emphasis on cultural revolution and the need to eliminate oppressive social practices. Maoism-Third Worldism promotes class struggle, Third World national liberation, and global revolution through people’s wars and mass resistance to capitalist-imperialism.

How does socialism relate to protecting the environment?

Capitalism considers everyone and everything a commodity with a monetary value. Life itself is not valued under capitalism. For this reason, the environment is being destroyed at an accelerating rate for corporate profit. The global ecosystems on which humanity depends for survival are collapsing. Indigenous peoples around the world suffer incredible brutalization under capitalist-imperialism, often being forced off their land in the name of industrial development. The oppression and brutalization of the Third World is directly linked to the destruction of the environment under capitalist-imperialism. Maoism-Third Worldism says oppressed peoples should fight back. People must struggle not just for the liberation of humanity from oppression but also to defend the natural environment from destruction. Socialism should be established not only to liberate the oppressed masses, but to protect and rehabilitate what is left of the planet’s ecosystems. The environment should be considered common heritage to all, not a commodity to be used and abused for profit under capitalism. Under socialism, systems of production and distribution are organized for the benefit of all, which necessarily means that these systems of production and distribution are organized to protect the the natural environment upon which all humans depend for their survival and well-being.

Although there is growing resistance around the world to large-scale environmental devastation caused by industrial extraction, as long as capitalism remains the dominant mode of production, the destruction of the environment will accelerate. This environmental destruction must be viewed as a systemic issue through the lens of global class analysis if real progress is to be made in halting the destruction of the global ecosystems. RCCM promotes Maoism-Third Wordism as a necessary ideological tool in resisting environmental destruction and protecting what remains of the ecosystems. Only by reorganizing the means of production and distribution for the benefit of all humans and the environment can the environmental crisis be mitigated. Only through the establishment of socialism can a healthy, peaceful world come into existence.

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  1. [Some thoughts from a fellow comrade in Amerikkkan occupied Coast Salish lands a.k.a. Cascadia.]

    In general, this foundational statement by the comrades of the Revolutionary Cascadian Commnuist Movement is a big shot in the arm for revolutionary forces within the belly of the beast. Some of my intial thoughts on strengthening this statement follow below:

    Terms like “systems of oppression” are more based on things like postmodernist-based privilige theory, but it is good enough. At this point, it is okay for what we have going on here on the West Coast with our decolonizer, gender liberationist, and other anarchist comrades.

    The part on Marxism could use some work. It’s important to emphasize in Marxism core concepts like the Marxist Labor Theory of Value, exploitation (as distinct from the more catch-all term “oppression”) the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, and the lower (socialism) and higher (achieving the “4 Alls”) stages of communism.

    A quick and dirty study guide to help sharpen up the section on Marxism:

    “Critique of the Gotha Programme”


    “The Class Struggles in France”


    “The Materialist Analyisis of Capital”


    “The Materialist Conception of History”


    I agree with comrade Nick Brown’s bracketing of “Third Worldism” after “Maoism” at this point. A reassertion of the Leninist consequences of imperialism on class structure in the core countries within newer MLM forces makes “Maoism (Third Worldism)” a “transitional package” that can be used interchangebly with “Maoism” at this point. Maoist parties in the core countries with an essentially anti-Leninist, First Worldist line are in permanent decline at this point. Nobody in the MTW camp needs to pretend that MTW is some kind of “fourth sword” rather than just a reassertion of Leninism in the Global North that’s been far overdue.

    The statement doesn’t really go into the substance of Maoism as a science. What is primary about Maoism is the necessity to continue the revolution under socialism, to dislodge a “New Bourgeoisie” that arises within the proletarian state and continue the momentum towards full communism.

    Another quick and dirty study guide, but this time for the Maoism / Third Worldism section:

    “Imperialism and the Split in Socialism”


    “Decision of the Central Committee of the
    Chinese Communist Party Concerning the
    Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution”

    Click to access decision_of_the_central_committee_of_the_2.pdf

    “Whither China”


    The call for creating a Dual Power situation within this document is key to communist work, but it should be fleshed out a bit more to elucidate concrete practice. The concept of “Mass Line” comes into play here.

    Some things to read up on that would aid in this effort:

    “The Dual Power”


    “From here to autonomy: Mexico’s Zapatistas
    combine local administration and national

    Click to access Kennedy-Tilly-Zap%20autonomy-ProgPlan-02.26.06.pdf

    “Election Begs Question of the Road to Dual Power in New Afrika”


    [Gregory C. Lewis has a good follow-up comment to this article here on A-I.com:

    anti-imperialism.com/2013/07/26/mimp-lumumba-election-begs-question-of-road-to-dual-power-in-new-afrika/#comments ]

    “Notes on Mass Line, Communist Organization, and Revolution”


    “Dear RAIM, What to Do in the First World?”


    Of course, many of these articles are based on much thicker works that we also need to study. However, this can provide a decent shortcut for us to hone in on the revolutionary science that guides our communist practice. It can also help clarify what some of these terms mean for comrades newer to revolutionary communism.

    -Jacob Brown

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