Our recent release, The Weapon of Theory: A Maoist (Third Worldist) Reader, is now available both in print and as a free PDF.

Next to Zak Cope’s Divided World, Divided Class: Global Political Economy and the Stratification of Labour Under Capitalism, The Weapon of Theory aims to be the definitive overview of the Marxist analysis of today’s imperialism. Featuring re-edited essays previously published on websites like Anti-Imperialism.com, an introduction by Morton Esters, and a full glossary, The Weapon of Theory is a must-read for anyone interested in learning about revolution in the modern era.

Available at thebookpatch.com, a third-party print and distributor, The Weapon of Theory is over 160 pages and only $4.95 plus shipping and handling. We are making the print version as inexpensive as possible so that is can be extremely accessible. This is because we believe the information and political line it presents is invaluable, not simply to understand modern capitalism, but to struggle for socialism and communism. Plus, printed material is a great way to learn and pass along suppressed knowledge.

Order copies of The Weapon of Theory: A Maoist (Third Worldist) Reader for yourself and your comrades today from thebookpatch.com.

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  1. So I’d like to order from Canada.

    The only shipping options (UPS) start at around $30.00. There a reason the shipping cost is so high?

  2. This volume is a real service to the international proletariat and its allies. A warm red clenched-fist salute to the comrades whose political theory and practice over the years has contributed to the development and promulgation of Maoism-Third Worldism, which is communism in our time.

    Every anti-imperialist should read this work and struggle to perfect her understanding of Maoism-Third Worldism. If you are a communist in 2014, you are necessarily a Maoist-Third Worldist; there is no other way. “Communists” who maintain First Worldist beliefs need to engage in more political struggle—and also do self-criticism for the ignorance, chauvinism, or other political error that drives them to embrace a reactionary ideology masquerading as communism.

    As for sending the book to Canada, use the post office, not UPS. Look into fourth-class mail to save even more of the international proletariat’s funds.


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