It’s far too easy to be caught up in the theoretical squabbles between leftist groups on the internet. Everyday we take the same tired path often filled with self-important rhetoric and the sermons of the endless radical preachers often encountered. But what is the purpose? Hopefully to bring attention to our ’cause’ and the work we are engaged in. And just what sort of ’cause’ is this? To put it simply our cause is liberation; the long awaited justice for the world’s oppressed and exploited, in every sphere of society.

I remembered this yesterday while browsing some of the latest news stories in the US. One such story caught my eye and left me in disgust.

As has been showcased by the media, thousands of Central American people are coming across the border into Texas and other states to escape some of the recent ‘flare-ups’ in violence within their own countries. Many of such people are women and children who come with the expectation that due to their extreme circumstances even the brutal border patrols of the US will grant them safe residence at the fringes of our imperialist center.

What have these survivors found across the border? Nothing but contempt.

Several media outlets such as Fox News have referred to these developments with the greatest social chauvinism imaginable. Treating these people as subhuman, unworthy of even the most basic human services, pundits and columnists have described the situation as akin to a terrible flood: “waves of illegal immigrants” they claim. Fox News pundit and all-around scum of the earth Sean Hannity called into question the provision of healthcare for these people despite the fact they are stuffed into holding tanks like wild animals.

Another video made usage of the phrase “illegal children” when describing those seeking some relative security away from their bloody circumstances. All of which leaves us breathless except for a phrase.

No child is illegal.

Furthermore, no person is illegal. No human being should be deprived their dignity and labeled “criminals” simply for attempting to escape the terrible circumstances which are certainly not their own design.

And what great hypocrisy is displayed by the social chauvinists in the media and the political apparatuses. The same people who signed the trade agreements ensuring poverty and exclusion for millions of Central American farmers. The same people who funded right-wing death squads to eliminate people’s power. The same people who had the CIA smuggle the cocaine in the first place. These are the people who cry “ship them back” and have the audacity to refer to children as being “illegal”.

The only thing criminal in this entire development has been the way in which the US has whitewashed its involvement in making Central America the way it is. By wiping their hands clean over decades of media control and political silencing the imperialists think they have a much better story to tell. The story of the perfect, peaceful, suburban White America invaded by hordes of criminal Latinos who might as well be from Satan’s front yard. But let’s make one thing clear. If Central America is a living hell, it’s a living hell because the United States made it that way. Without a doubt, nothing could be more true.

Every attempt at Central and South American self-determination has been met with stiff hostility. If not in the form of bombs and bullets, then with the crippling economic sanctions the US unleashes upon its ‘unruly subjects’. Central and South American leaders are given the Washington Option: do as we say, or lose it all. Salvador Allende would speak volumes as to what happens when anyone dare say ‘no’.

But all of this is only scraping the surface of what could be said on the issue.

What we should note with absolute clarity is our resoluteness on the subject of human dignity. In a land of unbelievable wealth, concentrated to historically unprecedented heights, some would suggest the poorest and most vulnerable among us are “illegal” and undeserving of even the most rudimentary recognition. Their very social existence is criminalized in the most explicit of forms; with thousands of these “illegals” being cruely deported every year. And for what reason? Because out of some unforseeable chance they were born in Central America, and in that moment they became subordinate and inferior to the proper White rulers of the Western hemisphere. All they were was ‘born’ and in the case of so many of these fleeing children it’s arguable all they have ever done was be born and survive.

And what did all of these pundits and racists do to deserve a life of comfort and security? What did Sean Hannity do? What the fuck did Sean Hannity do?

He was born white, male, and north of the Rio Grande; simply miles from the children he calls “illegal”; a literal magnitude of feet from the mother he derides as a “criminal”.

So who is really entitled? The right-wing and their allies love to speak about ‘entitlements’ ‘entitlement culture’ ‘handouts’ and what not. They love to rave on their burden to support who they claim are inferior for accepting public assistance. In reality, these people are the most entitled of all. The imperialists, social chauvinists, racists, and all of their allies. They feel entitled to a standard of living comprised solely of their national identity as Americans and so often ‘white Americans’ and even more often ‘white male Americans’. That is really all there is to it.

No child is illegal. No survivor is a criminal. These racists, imperialists, chauvinists and their despicable allies. Their decadent wealth should be illegal; their hatred of the people is criminal and one day real justice will be served.

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  1. Amen.


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