Israel has resumed bombarding the Gaza Strip following the discovery of three dead Israelis kidnapped two weeks ago.

The IDF claims the 34 sites bombed by the Israeli Air Force were strategic points for HAMAS and other Palestinian defenders. Despite a lack of hard evidence regarding the abduction of the three Israelis, HAMAS has been implicated as the culprit and the IDF has arrested several people with direct links to the organization.

When the Israeli teenagers (now known to be abducted) first disappeared on June 12th Israel responded with a manhunt seldom seen on the border of the Gaza Strip. Two weeks of house-to-house searches, arrests, and confrontations between Palestinians and the IDF ended with the bodies being discovered in a field north of border city Hebron.

Israel is demanding blood for its murdered teenagers. And what Israel demands it’s rarely denied.

Already a 16 year old Palestinian boy was murdered in Jerusalem in what many are reporting as a “revenge killing”. Yanked off the streets by a ‘white van’ he was later found dead and identified by his own father.

Rest assured, no bomber jets are going to be scrambled for 16 year old Mohammed Abu Khudair. No house-to-house arrests and searches will be performed. Entire streets will not be leveled. Neighborhoods will not live under occupation. Nothing will be done.

Because to Israel, nothing is more disposable than the Palestinian Body. And to the international community, Israel is judge, jury, and most importantly, executioner. When Israeli teenagers are abducted, with no serious evidence anyone from any Palestinian organization was involved, and found murdered then Hell is unleashed upon the “usual suspects” (always the Palestinians). When a 16 year old Palestinian boy is provably murdered by Israelis, barely even a finger is lifted. No one wants to lessen the atrocity of murdering three teenage Israelis, a terrible crime indeed; but who will even speak for the murdered Palestinians, Abu Khudair and the countless dead and wounded from Israeli airstrikes?

This is why there can never be peace with the Israeli occupiers and all of their Zionist allies.

Peace requires the multilateral process of discussion and reconciliation; the mutual respect held by all parties if only for the sake of the formal process. There has to be some level of ‘humanity’ represented in how each side treats the other for peace to even be an option, let alone a willingness to hammer out the unpopular details of any such peace between historic enemies such as the Israeli occupiers and the Palestinian people.

No such multilateral process is possible when Israel holds no respect for the Palestinian people. They are nothing but unsightly animals, living at the very edge of the utopian Israeli dream.

Many observers want to hold “both sides accountable” for the failures at peace in recent and extended history. However, this blind attempt at open-ended ‘fairness’ and ‘accountability’ is nothing but bourgeois liberalism and chauvinism towards the Palestinian position. At the end of the day, the two sides are not equals; they are not equal parties in a conflict to which there is a measurable degree of “fault” along both sides.

To paraphrase Edward Said, only one side commands the tank battalions. Only one side commands the air force. Only one side commands legions of special forces. Only one side is dropping white phosphorous. Only one side controls all the water. Only one side has the formal status of being a ‘recognized state’ and a legally established ‘people’.

Only one side are occupiers, invaders, and imperialists.

We are constantly trying to reconcile the brutal reality of the conflict by appealing to the ‘humanity’ of the Israeli endeavor. All of such nonsense is only a desperate attempt to admonish the Israelis and all Zionists of any responsibility of the utter destruction they have left the Palestinians with. Nothing can undo the crimes of genocide and displacement that have been waged for the last half century and will continue to be waged unless the Israeli imperialists and all their geo-political allies are defeated.

In light of the recent events in Iraq with the radical islamists, ISIS, it’s easy to lose focus on the real regional enemies of the people. This is not to demean the atrocities committed by ISIS. The threat of fundamentalism and the ultra-reactionary is always a serious threat and certainly when it is funded and agitated by Western imperialists. However, the atrocities committed by ISIS over the past month are only a footnote on the brutality experienced in the region over the last six decades.

Israel was knocking down neighborhoods and murdering Palestinian dissidents when the founders of ISIS were still in the cradle.

We should never lose context on the magnitude of our enemies.

Worse yet, Israel has very recently come out in support of Kurdish independence (to specify, not in support of specific radical Kurdish groups, however). All of which only asks the question, what about the self-determination of the Palestinian peoples? What about their independence?

Israel continually makes obvious the fact that foreign policy is only the extended laboratory of opportunism. The first chance Israel had to break up a formerly powerful Arab neighbor was quickly seized. None of this demeans the Kurdish struggle for independence and national liberation. Every anti-imperialist, moreover, every communist should support the full self-determination and national liberation of the Kurdish people as a prerequisite to a liberated region. However, we are only doing ourselves a disservice by being so deluded as to think Israel, of all nations, would come out in support of such a progressive cause. The only thing the Zionists support is the destablization of their Arab neighbors.

What other purpose could the Israelis have for appropriating struggles such as national liberation? Looking at the destitute slums of the Gaza Strip, a target of relentless bombing and occupation, its impossible that the Israelis care about the principle of national liberation for an oppressed people.

Truthfully, one could spend hours merely detailing the wicked intent, motives, and history of the occupying Israelis. Something perhaps better left for the experts in that field.

One thing has been made irrevocably certain over the past half century and only highlighted by recent events. Israel is not a progressive nation; it is an oppressive, imperialist settler-nation. Israel is not benevolent; it strikes with merciless intent and will stop at nothing to satisfy the bloodlust. There can never be peace with Israel; the settler-nation as it exists today must be entirely dismantled with full sovereignty given to the Palestinian people over their homeland once more.

Even if peace were a plausible option, we should not accept it. To put it quite simply, there can be no peace between the oppressors and the oppressed. No peace with Israel; solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for liberation.

Solidarity with all the victims of the imperialist Zionist state of Israel and solidarity with the freedom fighters of Palestine and the whole region battling this menace. Until the people are truly liberated and the oppressors truly defeated, there can never be peace.

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