The editorial staff of AI apologize for a lack of steady content in recent weeks, due mostly to work on two publishing projects and an upcoming theoretical journal. We certainly hope to be publishing more articles in the coming weeks, as well as introducing our new projects and going over some of what we have been working on so far. In this time we have been working alongside Zak Cope, Torkil Lauesen & Kersplebedeb Publishing to republish a dual-volume set of the selections from both Marx & Engels as well as Lenin. These were originally compiled and published by the Danish Communist Working Circle and were meant to provide the theoretical background for their theory of the “Parasite state” and we have, in the interests of promoting Third Worldism in the same way, worked to republish them with an indispensable set of introductions by Cope and Lauesen. As many of you know, the first volume, Marx & Engels: On Colonies, Industrial Monopoly, and the Working Class Movement, is now available on Left-Wing Books.

Published with Kersplebedeb

Published with Kersplebedeb

We are now steadily working on producing the second in the series, selections from Lenin, and have been simultaneously engaged in working on the first issue of what will become RAIM’s Theoretical Journal. Though with the time we have spent working on these projects, little has gone on here. This is a recurring trend we hope to break, and to continue posting useful articles for Anti-Imperialism. However, we are still always looking for more contributors to help fill the void, so do not be afraid to send anything you have to our email.


The Editors of Anti-Imperialism

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  1. Goodmorning Cde’s, your apology is accepted. Thanks


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