By now most of us have seen the news that Edward Nero, the police officer who was charged with the death of Freddie Gray, has been acquitted of the 4 charges levied against him. His role in the death of Freddie Gray, as well as the tradition among police officers to not only murder young black people, but also get away with it, is part of a longstanding ritual of national affirmation shared among the broader amerikan population as well. It should also come as salt on the wounds of the colonized people that the old fascist George Zimmerman, who was not a police officer when he murdered Trayvon Martin, has just successfully auctioned the weapon he used to kill the boy for $250,000.[1] All in all, we can see that a badge is not always necessary to walk free from the scene of a crime that you have committed.

The cracker-settler system will employ just about anyone in the murder of the colonized people. Your crime is only barely a crime if you kill a Black man. So whether it is George Zimmerman or Peter Liang, it appears that a crime is not quite criminal enough to be punished when it is the murder of the colonized peoples. For Peter Liang, it was even argued that “justice is not about revenge” when the prosecution refused to pursue prison as punishment for the cold-blooded murder of a Black youth.[2] It appears that no time is to be served, even for the “diverse” (although uniformly white in conscience) Baltimore Police Department this time around.

So what does this mean for the communist resistance against the pigs and their rule of genocidal gunpowder diplomacy? It means that there can be no justice for the colonized people under the current system. We were not unaware of this before now, however each case is a new reminder that the police cannot serve the interests of the oppressed masses even when those pigs happen to be non-white themselves (remember Peter Liang). In fact, it must be unilaterally recognized that the pigs are the enemy of the people, and that special attention must be given to the fight against them. This is not new or controversial to most of the left, and even for many people who have been, over the course of so many murders, disillusioned with with the idea that peace can ever be made with the oppressors.

Pro-Liang Demonstration

Pro-Liang Demonstration

Furthermore this illuminates the bankruptcy of liberal aspirations for an “inclusive” society that is maintained without racial discrimination. The deep divisions caused by the violence and oppression involved in amerikan internal colonialism cannot be reconciled through the establishment of a “peaceful” federated state in which the colonizers remain at the head of the table. Both the liberal democrats and the First Worldist “socialists” would have you think that equality can be achieved without the disintegration of the united states as an entity; that the redistribution of wealth and destruction of racially imposed gaps in standard of living alone can solve this issue. Moreover these liberals cannot even condemn the police murders of Black people when the identity of officer appears confusing, hence their rabid defense of officer Liang with the slogan “one tragedy two victims”.

This discourse provides a good common ground between the postmodern First Worldists and the racist colonialists they claim to oppose. When Nero murdered Freddie Gray he was performing his duty to the colonial state by defending the exclusivity of the imperial wealth of amerika. For those such as George Zimmerman and Peter Liang, the objective is not much different. The confused postmodern reactions by the liberal democrats and First Worldists show us that their idea of “inclusion” is a frighteningly genocidal one. So what of our solution? The only genuine option when presented with the situation as it exists is to fight for the full self determination and national liberation of the oppressed nations against white colonial society Limited integration within it only represents complicity in its crimes, for this reason Peter Liang is no different than Edward Nero; both should hang.

  1. George Zimmerman says that he will use $250G from his gun auction to fund conservative causes
  2. Prosecutor Won’t Seek Prison for Peter Liang, Ex-Officer Convicted in Killing

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  1. Sadly, a majority in AmeriKKKa, including many of the oppressed themselves, SUPPORT police terrorism to some degree, often willingly (among other crimes against humanity) at this time:


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