“It is a book about imperialism and anti-imperialism… it is a book written by an activist for activists.” – Torkil Lauesen, author.

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What better way to kick off our return here at Anti-Imperialism than to highlight a book seemingly tailor-made for our readership. Regular readers will be familiar with Torkil Lauesen and his immense contribution to the global struggle (for a refresher, see here, here and here).

A short review of The Global Perspective by Gabriel Kuhn can be viewed here.

You can purchase or just read an overview of the so-called “Blekingegade Gang” and their illegal practice here.

Pretty much everyone in the constellation of Third Worldism has (or should have, in our opinion) a soft spot for Torkil Lauesen, but moreso we are happy to see work–any work–being produced which takes on the theoretically and strategically demanding terrain of global parasitism and activism, to, as the publisher says, “[bridge] the gap between Third Worldist theory, and the question of “What Is To Be Done?” in a First World context. It is an important contribution towards developing an effective political practice based on the realities of the global situation, avoiding the pitfalls of sugarcoating the situation with the First World populations, or of falling into pessimistic quietism.”

Give what you can to the Indiegogo for the project here (and if you want all of your contribution to go toward the project, choose not to receive the thank you gifts), or, if you can’t give, then you can get the word out! Share on social media, proselytize at your local radical bookstore, whatever get’s them closer to their goal.

However you decide to do it, let’s get this done.

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