Trump has once again coaxed “civically conscious” liberals into putting on a passion play of imperialist propaganda, to, in effect, “show Trump how imperialism is really done.”

Every time Trump produces one of these sideshows (you can practically set your watch by these types of distractions from his flailing administration) the imperial left responds with integration, neo-liberalism and eurocentrism. In this worldview, Russians elected Trump, not the reactionary masses of the u.$., and his illegitimacy is rooted in his incompetence at imperialism. The death-drive of liberalism shows itself. Never have thanatos and vaudeville been so indistinguishable.

If Trump tomorrow declared that pollution were a Chinese plot, liberals would start burning styrofoam effigies in the streets.

It is unclear whether Trump’s pending order to exclude trans people from eligibility for military service will lead to the expulsion of trans people from the global lynch mob that is the u.$. military, but what is clear is that those who would be expelled, as well as those who push for greater integration, are, in no uncertain terms, enemies of progressive humanity.

Make no mistake, Trump is channeling amerikkkan hatred of queer people into a plank of his reactionary platform (a platform that is quickly crumbling under foot), but the instinct and call to integrate is a declaration of war against the masses of the Third World. There is no question whence this imperialist spontaneity comes. It is rooted in the objective class realities of the core countries, especially the u.$., whose instincts are structurally parasitic and violent. Petty-bourgeois consciousness and outright reaction all along the line characterize all struggles, from right to left, that are not rooted in the struggles of oppressed nations, anti-imperialism and for the balkanization of the u.$. and the end of amerikkkan imperialism for good.

Queer communists worth their salt have, along with all progressive humanity, declared against the empire, and reject the agenda, whether “grassroots” imperialist or top-down, to fold the interests of gender-oppressed people into the lynch mob, and work toward splitting away and educating those whose interests are served by parasitism and the death-export.

It is no secret that the imperialists can and have made room on the line for queer butchers—the u.$. military more recently, the IDF most famously, not to mention the use of LGBTQ “volunteers” as surrogates in the u.$. montagnard proxy of the “Syrian Democratic Forces”—and moreover, any queer or oppressed person who takes up with them can expect no mercy from the masses of the progressive world. Identity cannot and never will be an excuse to partake in genocide.

Ask the masses of tortured, oppressed and brutalized peoples what your “integration” is worth.

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