A new poll released by the Chicago Council of Global Affairs (CCGA) shows that a majority of amerikans now support an armed intervention on the Korean peninsula if the DPRK were to strike the south. This comes after months of heightened tension in which the united $tates has unsuccessfully attempted to bully the DPRK into submission, with the most recent attempt taking the form of a full blockade of all DPR Korean exports. However, as harsh and inhumane as the current treatment of the Korean people is, amerikans are not yet satisfied. It was further shown that not only did 62% of amerikans support the use of direct military force against the country, an overwhelming 76% of amerikans are in favor of even greater sanctions. There is absolutely no concern for the human cost this will certainly create in the country, and we can be absolutely certain that the Workers’ Party will be blamed for all suffering that has and will come to pass.

It is too simple an answer to say that the amerikan people have been “tricked” into this position, wherein they are being thrown for a loop by the bourgeoisie into supporting another violent measure to break open a fickle market. The amerikan people are in some way conscious of the slipping power of their empire, and are afraid for a future where amerika is not the supreme authority. This is why the DPRK is considered such a critical threat to amerikan security, despite nobody truly believing that they are capable of inflicting mass destruction upon the united $tates. There has been a dramatic change in people’s perception toward the country with the CCGA now reporting 75% believing the DPRK is a critical threat to amerikan security in comparison to 55% two years ago. So, what has really changed?

It is not the Korean nuclear program, despite that being the very reason listed by the imperialist mouthpieces for the increased hostility. The DPR Korean nuclear program has existed for more than 15 years at this point, and has had very little interruption along the way. In fact, Trump has even complained about the previous strategy of the Obama administration that extended, in his mind, far too many leniencies toward the country on the matter. Rather than their continuous development of a defensive arsenal, it appears that it is the crisis of amerikan empire that is the motivating factor. Amerika in 2002 was the unchallenged leader of the world both militarily and economically, at the start of Korean nuclear testing. This continued and only accelerated through the destruction of countless countries by a hungry neoliberal imperialism.

However, in 2008 we saw a disaster in the metropolitan economies beginning with the collapse of the amerikan housing market and metastasizing into a global financial crisis. This was the first great stumbling block, then joined by stiff anti-imperialist resistance in West and Central Asia their imperial conquests soon became unwinnable struggles. Although it would appear that amerikan markets have more or less recovered since the original collapse, their position in the world is no longer secure. They have not recovered the international power that they once had throughout the Third world, and with the rise of more and more popular and national democratic movements to oppose that power, they are being pushed to the brink. Amerika can no longer rely on “soft power” solutions, they must now lash out in all directions in the hope of securing victory somewhere. The already destructive policies of the Obama administration are no longer enough, and Trump’s administration must bolster them with even greater force.

These ideas have not been restricted to the highest echelons of society, the amerikan people are well aware of the crisis within the political system at home and the crisis of empire abroad. More are beginning to admit defeat in Afghanistan and Iraq, and to realize that their entanglement with the Syrian conflict is a dead end with no real long-term benefit to their national or economic security. However, unlike for a majority of the world’s people, the defeat of amerika in these strategic conflicts is not a moralizing factor for the amerikan people, in fact, it is the greatest demoralization they have experienced in decades! We can see this political crisis unfolding as the entire spectrum of the amerikan political system has now demanded a renewed aggressiveness in pursuing the interests of empire. Every politician who vowed to “resist” Trump’s presidency has continually supported all moves to accelerate amerika’s aggressive strategy of “reconquista” in the Third World.

It is for this reason that an anti-imperialist and ultimately communist alternative is necessary in the imperialist countries. Those who are truly against empire cannot find common cause among those liberals who have vowed to “resist” Trump, while eagerly legitimizing all efforts toward the complete restoration and amplification of amerikan militarism. One of the greatest challenges we now face in creating that alternative is the tremendous strength of pro-imperialist tendencies among the amerikan people. We know why this is, the amerikan people have become so accustomed to the standard of living that has been brought to them by the ugliness of imperialism in the Third World that they now fear for its continuation. Even in the face of the neoliberal backlash in the post-2008 world, their motivations have been purely conservative in that they have constantly moved to preserve what they had amassed in stolen wealth.

Nevertheless, we should not let this dissuade our move toward a new internationalist perspective built along the fringes and within the cracks forming in the First World. We must contribute to the construction of a global new democratic revolution through agitation for direct unity with the progressive peoples of the Third World currently resisting imperialism. The united $tates cannot afford to be stalled in their response to the changes in the world system, and in that struggle every moment counts. We must do everything we can to prevent war from breaking out, or ensuring that should it occur, that amerika does not win. Amerika can be destroyed, and it most certainly will if it cannot rescue itself from the current crisis, and their opportunity to do so is rapidly slipping from reach.

Let us unite all those who can be united on a revolutionary platform for the end of empire, rather than a conservative one for greater share of imperial spoils.


  1. “A majority of Americans favor deploying U.S. troops if North Korea attacks South Korea, poll finds” (Washington Post)

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