The heroic struggle of the Yemeni people continues on, intensifying with every passing day. They are besieged from all sides, yet have achieved spectacular victories in their struggle for independence against the imperialist coalition and the traitor “president” Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, who continues to depend on the backing of the world’s chief parasites for everything from weapons to “legitimacy” in his war on the democratic sensibilities of the Yemeni people. The Yemeni people, under the leadership of the Houthis, have not only withstood the relentless genocidal bombing campaigns and invasion by the imperialist-backed Saudi coalition, but have succeeded in striking the aggressors on their own territory numerous times. They have launched medium range ballistic missiles at Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, damaged and sunk countless warships, and successfully incurred into Saudi territory to destroy military encampments.

The people of Yemen have suffered terribly for these victories, and have placed their faith in the Houthis and congealed broadly around the notion of beating back the aggressors. The genocidal campaign waged against them have left the country starving and disease-stricken as the coalition forces target sanitation, hospitals and food resources with particular veracity. Even still, the people remain resolute in their condemnation of this suffering’s source, and moreover in their commitment to defeating the imperialists responsible. After all, the protracted struggle for independence was first launched against the united $tates’ campaign of destruction in the country, where the treacherous Yemeni government once allowed amerikan drones to operate freely in their airspace.

But even in victory, hardship and adversity is piled upon the people of Yemen. The deposed president Ali Abdullah Saleh, which had been overthrown in popular demonstrations during the Arab spring, attempted to repackage himself as a champion of the people in his alliance with the Houthis against the imperial aggressors. He and loyalists from his party, the General People’s Congress (GPC), had very little common ground with the Houthis, who were the unquestioned captains of this revolutionary coalition against the imperialist camp, but the alliance persisted out of opportunism on the part of the Saleh, and a need for allies on the side of the besieged Houthis. After all, the Houthis were a vital part of the opposition that overthrew him in 2012, so their temporary reconciliation was born only out of the conditions of an extreme crisis.

However, opportunity presented an alternative pathway to power for Saleh, and he quickly jumped ship to the imperialist coalition with the hope that he can deliver victory to the disgraced aggressors and capitalize on his vital contribution. He broke the alliance with the Houthis in favor of “peace” through reconciliation with the Saudi aggressors, and set attempted to seize the capital, Sana’a, for his new allies and from his old ones. Unfortunately for him, he has failed in this endeavor, and has done nothing but expose to the people of Yemen his true character: that of a treacherous coward. Nevertheless, having essentially admitted defeat and planned to arrange a ceasefire, the Saudis have now snapped into action with round-the-clock bombing campaigns in Sana’a, with the hope that they can turn the tide against the Houthis. Despite this, the Houthis have now recaptured the capital, declared an end to the crisis and killed Saleh. The traitors have won themselves nothing but a timely grave.

Those like Saleh, who have pretended to better represent the interests of their country through pursuit of “peace” with their aggressors and exploiters are nothing but fools and frauds. The “peace” proposed by leaders like Saleh is a return to the most hopeless forms of imperialist domination. Although, overall, the Houthis do not offer the necessary maximum of proletarian revolution, they do offer a future apart from the reluctant acceptance of imperial slaughter in their country and have contributed to the consolidation of a revolutionary and democratic consciousness among the Yemeni people. It is these subjective conditions that serve as the potential roots for future revolutionary movements and emphasize the true nature of struggle in Yemen: this is a war against imperialism, not for “religious sectarianism.” They have confronted the international imperialist bloc that is now being turned back in every corner of their former dominion. Those fighting in Yemen are contributing to the same struggle being waged in countless Third World countries against imperialist exploitation and aggression, and should be considered temporal allies to the world revolutionary movement.

Victory to Yemen! Down with the traitors and imperialists!

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