Catch flies with honey, rats with garbage.

Don’t you just hate when you laud somebody for their heroism and strength of character and they turn out to be a common murderer? Well, that’s precisely what’s gone down with that heroic North Korean soldier who defected a little over a month ago.

A young, “low-ranking” North Korean soldier defected to South Korea across the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between the two countries early Thursday morning, South Korea said.

The soldier, aged in his late teens or early 20s, was carrying a personal firearm when he crossed the DMZ in heavy fog just after 8.00 a.m. local time, South Korean authorities said.


The praised heaped on the lad has died down a bit, as it is now being reported that slugger apparently murdered somebody, potentially providing the impetus for his escape from the prying eyes of johnny law, which makes his defection just a tad less heroic.

“[Mr.] Oh, identified only by his surname, has told investigators that he had committed a crime involving murder in the North, the conservative Dong-A daily said, citing an unidentified intelligence official.”

South China Morning Post

Despite the fact that the source for this story is that ever present, and ever busy, unnamed South Korean intelligence official, the western press are taking this one rather seriously. They might be practicing a cautious skepticism after so many snafus regarding their absolutely pathetic DPRK coverage.

Otherwise, this would have been an advantageous time to take Mr. Unnamed with a grain of salt. What with Hyong Song-Wol reappearing in 2014 after reporting that she had been executed by firing squad, Ri Yong-Gil turning up after reports of his execution in 2016, and, in an astounding act of necromantic prowess, Kim Jong-Un’s aunt, Kim Kyong-Hui, returned to the land of the living after reports of her poisoning by yet another superbly trustworthy defector.

West-obsessed plaster saints abound among “defectors”, and their increasingly bad storyboarding for the fanfictions they peddle to western audiences is only declining in quality. Take Yeonmi Park. Despite the explosive viral address she gave the 2014 On Young World Summit in Dublin, wherein she claimed to have been born rich in the DPRK, but eventually ruined and forced into starvation after her parents’ arrest and her father’s claimed execution. Or that’s how one version goes. Another version has it that she and her sister fended for themselves, seeing bodies pile in the streets and rivers. They ate grass and dragonflies, she says. But her mother says different. On an episode of the South Korean television show Now On My Way To Meet You, in which she and her mother star, her mother replied to a question asked by the host;

“When we talk about stories of people eating grass or people struggling to eat, Yeju (Park’s pseudonym) says, ‘Oh that never happened…’ Why is that? Did Yeju never go through these experiences?

Park’s mother replies, “We were not to that extent. We were just never in a position where we were starving.”

Park’s mother goes on to say, “So when Yeju started working for this program, I think she became more aware of the situation in North Korea.”

The host responds, “It sounds like Yeju learnt heaps on this program.”

And Park’s mother says, “She calls me before and after a show recording, asking me, ‘Am I really North Korean?’ She says she has no idea what the other girls on the show are talking about. She says she thinks everyone is lying on the show.”

The Diplomat

And as far as her claims of rivers clogged with bodies, we might defer to the man responsible for surveying North Korea’s waterways at that time, Swiss businessman Felix Abt, who has called Yeonmi’s story a fable, and says “I did see poverty-stricken areas, infrastructure in shambles, broken bridges over rivers and I would certainly have seen dead bodies if there were any.” But seeing as she sometimes disbelieves whether she is North Korean or not, these “inconsistencies” are not surprising.

Park is just the easiest to nail down of the lying rockstar defectors. Take Shin Dong-Hyuk, another human rights heart-throb. Shin Dong-Hyuk says that he was born in a concentration camp where rats and grass the daily fair, arbitrary executions rang, and his father and mother were executed before his eyes. Except he wasn’t. Besides his father being alive and well living in the DPRK, Shin himself was forced to recant much of his story, reshuffle the timeline, and fight off revelations by the DPRK ambassador that Shin was charged with rape (which he said was not new information, although no one but him seemed to know this), and that is why he fled to China (which adds up with his father’s testimony, although he seems not to know about the latter charge), as well as skepticism from the western media as well as fellow defectors.

In 2004, Lee Soon-Ok testified before the u.$. Congress that he had seen Korean christians dunked into vats of molten iron. That same year, Kwon Hyuk testified before the same gullible gathering that he was privy to human experimentation in the DPRK. Both stories were roundly rejected by other defectors, and even South Korean media. In 2006, Ri Kwang-Chol claimed that all disabled children are murdered in the DPRK, and that is why there are none. Apparently Mr. Ri hadn’t heard that the DPRK regularly competes in the paralympic games. Another sheltered soul, I take it. Perhaps he and Yeonmi shared a penthouse.

It’s no surprise why things are the way they are between the west and People’s Korea. After failing to wipe them out in their genocidal war, the west embraces every reprobate and poor soul that crosses the border. The batshit christians and criminals are their favorites; the creativity of their stories are matched only by their plot holes. The average folks not so much. People who fled merely to escape the famine or to make money, and do not agree with the amerikan/South Korean campaigns against their homeland and the Worker’s Party want nothing to do with the hype. Hundreds of defectors have returned home, and as much as a quarter of North Koreans living in the south wish to go home.

Let’s not rub salt in the wound and remind the imperialists that they often report literal satire as fact. Jang Sung-Taek eaten by hungry dogs, generals executed by artillery rounds, state-sanctioned hairstyles. The list goes on.

Now, dearest reader, given that their sources are sus as fuck, their company is atrocious (a rapist, a murderer, several thousand liars and an heiress?) and their methods are, to say the least, ass, why should we believe a fucking thing the west says about anything, let alone the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?

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