The massacres carried out by the israeli Apartheid state, the rejection by Netanyahu of the old u.$.-sponsored two-state solution, and the growing fanaticism of the israeli population all inform against the well-manicured public image of the “Jewish state”. In January, both Haaretz and the New York Times carried pieces all but proclaiming the two-state solution dead. The former describes the single state as Apartheid, the latter as Apartheid-like. The PLO’s operatives will admit privately that they have been left behind by the reluctance to abandon the two-state fantasy, and have seen nothing from the u.$. in exchange for their anti-”terror” and anti-Iran policies. The last “true believer” of the two-state process, the e.u., is isolated and weak. Russia, which has emerged as a powerful player in the equation, has vocally supported an independent Palestinian state, but is so infected with “pragmatism” that this means little more than a starting position for talks.

Demographics will determine the nature of the single state, and the demographics say Apartheid. A new official demographic count was presented before the Knesset in March to determine the contours of the future garrison state. The study turned up numbers that shocked the Knesset—6.8 million Arabs and 6.5 million Jews live between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea. 1.8 million of those Arabs live in israel itself, and East Jerusalem was not counted.

This means that the settlers have one course of action in a unified state—Apartheid or perish. An Arab majority with democratic rights and a higher birth rate would quickly overtake the settler population, and so the only recourse is one state, and two systems. That is, to codify the current occupation regime into israeli law. The ruling coalition have already made steps to that effect. In January, the Likud central committee voted to “apply the laws of Israel and its sovereignty to all liberated areas of Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria.” In effect, it was a statement of annexation, but not one of equal rights. Only Jews were extended legal recognition, and under an israel-dominated one-state arrangement, it will stay that way.

The only alternatives are expulsion and mass murder on an even larger scale.

But the veneer is cracking. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), described the most recent israeli massacre as “unacceptable and inhuman”, the e.u. urged a probe into israeli human rights violations, and israel, furious, denounced a UN probe proposed days ago. On Monday, the security council will debate the Kuwait-tabled motion to create an international Palestine protection force. Whether any of these denunciations and motions will amount to anything is highly doubtful, but the damage has been done, even for previously hardline amerikan zionists like David Rothkopf, ex-editor of Foreign Policy, the premier thinking imperialist’s rag. He has denounced israel (but hasn’t renounced it), comparing the slain protesters to prisoners who “dared to get too close to the prison wall.”

Rothkopf is just one example of amerikan Jews’ long breakup with the settler state. It has become too real for them, too indefensible given their comfortable lives. They cannot imagine (yet) justifying the mass murder of innocents because they got too close to the walls of their open-air prison. Young amerikan Jews, especially liberals, are currently in an exodus from the Jewish State, struggling, within their tiny worldview, to reconcile their identities apart from a clearly genocidal state actor who has, time and again, attempted to force an identity of Jews with israel globally.

All of this marks a new, qualitative phase in propaganda on the Palestine question. Our propaganda has always been multifaceted—where propaganda focuses on a mass audience, attack the rejection of the two-state solution as hypocritical and unilateral; where it pertains to oppressed and colonized peoples, dispossessed of land and rights, we stress the settler colonial nature of the illegitimate state of israel and its relationship to their amerikan oppressors; and where we must, we proclaim, unveiled and uncontoured, the necessity of a single state—a Palestinian state—where the whole of the land and all of the wealth is in the hands of the indigenous people and their allies, from the river to the sea.

This last has grown in importance. No longer will it resonate only with other communists and with our allies in the movements of the oppressed peoples, but will have lost its sting, its “unworkability”, once the weight and hypocrisy of the Zionist one-state solution is widely known.

Therefore, let us, one and all, move forward on this demand. Instead of decrying the death of the two-state solution, let us paint, with their own words and deeds, its true murderers—the israeli settlers. Our propaganda amongst the liberals and the masses of whites and Jews who may be united with in the campaign for foreign support, funds, or the pressure of opinion must center the settler rejection of equal rights, the death of the old adage, still-born in the hearts of every Palestinian, that israel is any kind of normal state, “the middle-east’s only democracy”, and affords any right but the law of the jungle to its captives whose righteous fury is sacred and legal.

Among the oppressed peoples, intensify propaganda on a nationalist platform. Never before was there a better example, both negative and positive, to strengthen the arm of native sovereignty, Aztlan, or the Republic of New Afrika. Where consciousness for these demands does not exist, it must be built. The settler has no sovereignty, neither in north amerika nor Palestine.

And as regards Palestine, we believe, as we always have, that the land will be free, all of it, and the settlers, whether the Arab majority in their mercy allow them to stay or otherwise, have no sovereignty there, least of all their phony state. We must intensify all attacks on the settler states, and unite their struggles in our propaganda. The scales of minimum demands and milquetoast justification are loosening on the eyes of a sizable portion of those most receptive to our propaganda, and it is time to wrench them off.

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  1. “Palestinians” are Arabic speaking people. The lines on the maps separating the Arabic-speaking Peoples needs to be done away with.

    Remember remember the Black September!

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