[Published May 17th by the PCV’s central media organ Tribuna Popular this document shows the persisting vitality of Proletarian leadership in Venezuela amid an ever-growing crisis of capitalism and confrontation of classes. The clarity in leadership of the PCV is reassuring, and in the context of their mass organization and statements regarding their long-term strategy for seizing state power, it is clear that revolution is still the objective of their work. It is our hope that the PCV continues this work, and helps to elevate political consciousness in the Proletarian bloc and raise new questions regarding the construction of socialism in Venezuela, and helping to avoid the pitfalls of revisionism and dogmatism.]

Preserve the sovereignty of the fatherland against imperialism and defend popular gains!

(Caracas) Oscar Figuera, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), said that the aggressive policy of US and European imperialism against our people deepens the problems arising from the crisis of dependent capitalism and Venezuelan rentierism, but that, in the complex economic and social situation that we are going through, there are also institutional responsibilities of government management.

“Therefore, while we denounce the destabilizing actions of imperialism, we have also demanded that the performance of various ministers be reviewed in depth, especially in instances where everything points to the fact that there is no proceeding with expertise, effectiveness, capacity or with participation of workers and popular sectors, without which no management can be guaranteed that responds to the real demands and needs of the people,” Figuera stated.

Previously the Party of the Red Rooster declared that it should be done, with the support of the workers of each Ministry, a critical revision with particular urgency in the areas of electrical energy, food, agriculture and transport, taking as its central axis the fight against corruption, impunity, inefficiency and monopoly.

Figuera clarified that “capitalism and imperialism are in crisis, and the way they overcome it is to increase the exploitation of the people, appropriating the riches of our countries; and any government that does not subordinate itself is its enemy.”

Facing the serious internal problems suffered by the Venezuelan people and the real threat of external forces to appropriate national resources, the leader ratified the position of the PCV: “Be critical of what happens inside the country, but unite to face the external aggressors; that is our policy; critics where we have to be critical, but the main enemy of our people is still US imperialism.”

“We must unite all willing sectors to prevent the transnationals and the world-right from taking Venezuela and placing it at their service, which would also lead to the retreat of the popular gains historically achieved during the Bolivarian process, as is happening in Brazil or Argentina,” said Figuera.

Sovereign decision

Figuera pointed out that “we have, and have expressed, important criticisms of the inconsistencies of the national government, we will continue to raise them and we will continue to fight to correct errors and deficiencies; but we support the re-election of Nicol√°s Maduro because it has a fundamental element: to confront imperialism in defense of the sovereignty and independence of our people, and that is the main task today.”

Despite the complex socio-economic situation, the leader said that the PCV is convinced that “on May 20, the people will go out massively to exercise their sovereign right to decide who will be their president and their legislators.”

“What we need is for the people to participate, decide and be the ones to recognize the result, because that does not correspond to the presidents of the so-called ‘Lima Group’, who do not have the moral strength or the legitimacy to decide what is right for Venezuela, that is why we reject their interventionism and call on the people to give them a lesson in independence,” Figuera concluded.

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