The people of Borikén have been chained down by colonial rule for as long as they have been labeled Puerto Ricans. Our identity has been shaped by spanish and now amerikan rule. The double-crisis of Hurricane Maria and overwhelming debt gives us the opportunity to step back to revisit how imperialist “aid” furthers the colonial […]

Given its worldwide ubiquity, it is easy to forget that hip hop did not always idolize the wealthy and powerful. As an expression of the dispossessed black youth, its content was explicitly political. Its origin can be traced back all the way to the 1970s, during the tragic demise of the Black Liberation Movement. But […]

By Miguel Campos They came from heaven. Where there is plenty of everything. Cloaked in death, reeking of blood. They descend upon the Wretched with an insatiable hunger. Some come armed, wielding the fruits of their research. Weapons made from the blood of their conquest, and guts which roar with anticipation of their next meal. […]