Seize the Time #2

by Nick Brown (This article originally appeared at Barack Obama is the biggest Don the world has seen. He proved this on May 1st, 2011 after his hit squad, ‘Seal Team 6,’ entered a compound where Osama Bin Laden resided, assassinated the former CIA associate and dumped his body in the ocean from a […]

by Nick Brown, originally posted at Feminism is a controversial topic amongst Native North Americans. Over the last quarter century, there has been a proliferation of books and essays expressing various views on feminism from Native women’s perspectives. M. Annette Jaimes’s in ‘American Indian Women: At the Center Stage of Resistance in North America’ […]

The Iraqi government, installed by the United States after the 2003 invasion and occupation, killed 23 protesters and injured hundreds during ‘Day of Rage’ demonstrations held throughout the country on February 25th. Turn out for the protests were high despite consistent efforts by the Iraqi state to suppress dissent. Journalists were prevented from covering the […]

Music Video, “Illmerica,” Reviewed by Nick Brown “Illmerica” is a recent electro-house song by US dance music producer, Wolfgang Gartner. Though the song itself is absent lyrics, the video is highly critical of the United States. Unlike most Western and Western-inspired dance music videos, ‘Illmerica” combines popular aesthetics with political criticism. Many messages are presented […]

We have reported widely about the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, and their use in the current wars the United Snakes is conducting.  (1),(2) Recently there was another military strike that involved drones.  This time the attack killed Amerika’s own troops.  According to the Pentagon, a drone fired a Hellfire missile that killed […]

RAIM has long pointed out that many on the First Worldist “Left,” even those who are self-described socialists, aid and side with imperialism in their positions.  The response of many leftists attacking Gaddafi and tacitly supporting U.S.-European military intervention proved our point, even to many of our critics. On the wider scale of things, the […]

We previously wrote a review on the movies Machete and The Baader-Meinhof Complex, both movies dealing with revolutionary violence, here.  A reader, J., wrote back in response, dealing with the part of the review on the Baider-Meinhof Complex film, a fictionalized account of the Red Army Faction in then-West Germany: Although I know you were […]

CIA Killer In Pakistan Released After Blood Money Payment


While world attention has been focused on the revolts in North Africa, and the beginnings of U.S. and NATO military escalation in Libya, recently in Pakistan a case of murder by a CIA “contractor” (read mercenary) has raised tensions in the region.  It also shows the extent the U.S. is involved covertly in Pakistan in its war in the region.

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Brandon Hocking was 24 years old when he died of injures from a roadside bomb attack in southern Iraq. It happened just days after the eighth anniversary of the US-led invasion and occupation and days before he was scheduled to return home. Death, though tragic, occurs for all. More significant is how one lived.  Hocking […]

Update on Army Kill Team in Afghanistan: Amerikans Are Still Pigs

(RAIM Denver,

We reported before on an Army “Kill Team” operating in Afghanistan that came to light (click here).

Recently one of these pig soldiers, Jeremy Morelock, pleaded guilty to being part of that “kill team” that deliberately targeted Afghan civilians.  This atrocity was significant not only on the scale of the hideousness inflicted on other human beings, but that it was exposed out in the open.  The U.S. military could not ignore such blatant acts of murder, so it brought the members of this kill team to trial.  Morelock, in exchange for testifying against the other pig soldiers accused, will get 24 years in jail with parole eligibility in seven years.  Hardly justice, but typical for those who kill for imperialism, many of its servants who will never have to face up to their crimes.

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As this is Israel Apartheid Week, where groups are raising awareness about the apartheid state of Israel in its war on the Palestinian people, we thought it appropriate to show some resistance on the cultural front.  Both videos are from D.A.M., based out of the city of Lod.    


As part of a March trip, which included a stop in France, Hilary Clinton visited Tunisia and Egypt to meddle in the wake of protests which toppled the heads of two US-backed regimes in the respective countries. After decades of supporting the Tunisian ruler, Zine Ben Ali, Clinton met with youth who took part in the civil unrest which caused him to flee the country on January 14th, 2011.

Clinton, in her typical doublespeak, promised to help Tunisia “economically” and with their “transition to democracy.” Yet, up until Ben Ali’s departure, Clinton remained adamant the US was neutral regarding clashes between popular and state forces. Concurrently, Clinton has been silent regarding Saudi Arabia sending its military to quell unrest in the United Arab Emigrates and Bahrain.

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This was sent to us from a comrade in Europe. Keep up the great work!


Jasiri X is a hip hop artist from Pittsburgh who raps the news over some dope beats produced by The Grand Architect Paradise Gray of X Clan. The two release these tracks as videos on in a series titled “This Week with Jasiri X.” Jasiri X is popular in activist circles, frequently performing at benefits and rallies. We’ve been bobbing our heads to X’s tracks since the release of OG3 – Oscar Grant Tribute in January 2009, but in light of his most recent release, American Workers vs. Multi-Billionaires, we decided to take a closer look.

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Review: “The Trajectory of Historical Capitalism and Marxism’s Tricontinental Vocation” by Samir Amin. Monthly Review, Volume 62, Number 9.

Reviewed by Nick Brown, RAIM-Denver (

The main contradiction in the world is between the Global North and the Global South. Due to super-exploitation of the Third World, the “masses” in the First World have been bought off. The main battleground for revolutionary change lies not in the imperialist cores, but in the exploited peripheries. These ideas, often expounded by the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement, are not ours alone. In his recent essay, “The Trajectory of Historical Capitalism and Marxism’s Tricontinental Vocation,” Samir Amin, director of the Third World Forum and author of the recent book ‘The Law of Worldwide Value,” presents a similar series of arguments regarding what he calls the struggle for socialism and communism.

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The zoot suit riots that took place in Los Angeles in 1943 are an indictment of the inherent racism of the American armed forces. The riots began after the much-publicized trial and subsequent conviction of Henry Leyvas and associates for the murder of Jose Diaz. Henry Leyvas and his girlfriend were beaten by rival pachucos […]

Middle East and North Africa: People’s Just Struggles Lead to Cosmetic Changes Without Revolutionary Leadership by Soso of MIM(Prisons) Starting in Tunisia on December 17, and spreading across the region in January and February, the people of north Africa and the Middle East are taking to the streets to fight brutal dictatorships in their respective […]

(With all that’s happening lately, it can be hard to keep up. The following news headlines were adapted from Democracy Now!) Anti-Gaddafi Forces Close in on Tripoli Despite the fact that most in the Third World live in a constant state social and economic duress, fears of a larger humanitarian crisis in Libya are growing […]

Notes on the Recent Independence of South Sudan by RAIM-Denver, ( Recently a referendum was held in the country of Sudan this January 2011.  The final results of which will split the nation in two, becoming separate countries.  The results will have long ranging effects for the policies of both new states as well as […]