Reply to Swaneagle: The amerikkkkan majority are imperialists and will never change. Ever. ( An exchange from Facebook, based upon a previous article I posted before the Friday night march at Westlake is support of punishing Ian Birk for the murder of John T. Williams. Italics are Swaneagle. “I read what you wrote. What concerns me are […]

                                                  The Amerikkkan electorate: militarist and chauvinist U$ imperialists, of both parties, appeal to the chauvinism and militarism of the Amerikans this election cycle.  Then again, our readers will be […]

RAIM-Seattle on the recent WTO 10 year anniversary The imperialist media hype around the recent slayings of police (the enforcers of empire) in the Seattle and Lakewood, and the predictable show of support for the kkkops by the general cracker population, overlaps the ten year anniversary of the “Battle of Seattle”.  RAIM-Seattle doesn’t believe in […]