On October 15th 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama ordered the deployment of 100 armed Amerikan military advisors to Uganda to aid that country’s armed forces in their war against the Lord’s Resistance Army.  Most of these troops will be from U.S. Army Special Forces.  Along with operating in Uganda, the center of that conflict, they […]

Recently the U.S. Census Bureau released statistics showing that the poverty rate in the United States has risen.  This has been widely covered in the media,(1) (2) used by different sides in U.S. politics, and also given by many on the nominal left as confirmation of oppression of a supposed Amerikan “proletariat” in the U.S. […]

This is a statement from the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) concerning the recent UN report on the oil spills in the Ogoniland region of Nigeria, which stated that cleanup from decades of oil spills the companies created would take over 30 years.  We have previously reported on the MEND, and […]

The plans to make Libya into a subservient state to the U.S. and NATO is getting more complete.  Recent reports tell of the “rebels” in Libya making advances in Tripoli the capital.  The rebels were aided by airstrikes by manned and unmanned aircraft flown by the western imperial aggressors that targeted military and civilian infrastructure.  […]

A protest was held in Denver to bring attention to the Knights of Columbus and their reactionary agenda.  The Knights of Columbus, a Catholic lay organization, had their 129th Supreme Convention here in Denver this year, from August 2nd to August 6th, 2011.  Progressive and radical groups and individuals in the area, organized under Rights […]

A new poll shows that the Arab world has a more negative opinion of the United States and president Barack Obama than the year before.  As the U.S. attempts to position itself as a leader in the region in the wake of the Arab Spring revolts, the poll shows increased resistance to Amerikan hegemony. Obama […]

"Glorious Victory," by Diego Rivera. Recounts the 1954 CIA coup against the democratically elected government of Guatemala.

Guatemala Syphilis Experiments, Another Crime Against Humanity by the U.S.

-by Antonio Moreno and Terryn Shit Up

Recent news has brought to light another example of the heinous treatment inflicted on the peoples of the world by imperialism.  The Tuskegee experiments, a 40 year old officially-condoned “study” during which over 600 Black men with syphilis were tracked by U.S. health officials, is well known. These men were never given adequate treatment, even though penicillin was available. It is now apparent that similar inhumane experiments were inflicted on the peoples of Guatemala as well. These experiments were funded by the US government.  The people in Guatamala were purposefully inoculated with syphilis and other diseases and were offered less-than-standard treatment.  This is just one of many incidents of unethical medical experiments done against oppressed peoples by U.S. imperialism.

In June 2011 the Guardian(UK) published accounts of survivors of the forced inoculations in Guatemala.  One survivor is a 74 year old woman now.  She was a 9 year old orphan when she was forcibly inoculated with syphilis in 1946 by U.S. doctors.  Orphans, along with prisoners, prostitutes, and conscripted soldiers, were purposefully infected with syphilis and other diseases.  Many survivors passed it on to spouses, lovers, and descendants.  Survivors call them “the devils experiment.”(1)

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This article originally appeared at WhoWhatWhy.com. Posting this does not imply endorsement or affiliation – Antonio Questions About the Libyan Sex Atrocity Reporting By Russ Baker Rape is tragically common in wartime—but did Qaddafi really order it? STORY SUMMARY: Media reporting of atrocities by the Libyan regime continues to heat up. The alleged crimes are […]