We have reported widely about the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, and their use in the current wars the United Snakes is conducting.  (1),(2) Recently there was another military strike that involved drones.  This time the attack killed Amerika’s own troops.  According to the Pentagon, a drone fired a Hellfire missile that killed […]

CIA Killer In Pakistan Released After Blood Money Payment


While world attention has been focused on the revolts in North Africa, and the beginnings of U.S. and NATO military escalation in Libya, recently in Pakistan a case of murder by a CIA “contractor” (read mercenary) has raised tensions in the region.  It also shows the extent the U.S. is involved covertly in Pakistan in its war in the region.

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Brandon Hocking was 24 years old when he died of injures from a roadside bomb attack in southern Iraq. It happened just days after the eighth anniversary of the US-led invasion and occupation and days before he was scheduled to return home. Death, though tragic, occurs for all. More significant is how one lived.  Hocking […]

Update on Army Kill Team in Afghanistan: Amerikans Are Still Pigs

(RAIM Denver, antiimperialism.wordpress.com)

We reported before on an Army “Kill Team” operating in Afghanistan that came to light (click here).

Recently one of these pig soldiers, Jeremy Morelock, pleaded guilty to being part of that “kill team” that deliberately targeted Afghan civilians.  This atrocity was significant not only on the scale of the hideousness inflicted on other human beings, but that it was exposed out in the open.  The U.S. military could not ignore such blatant acts of murder, so it brought the members of this kill team to trial.  Morelock, in exchange for testifying against the other pig soldiers accused, will get 24 years in jail with parole eligibility in seven years.  Hardly justice, but typical for those who kill for imperialism, many of its servants who will never have to face up to their crimes.

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