February 20th and 21st witnessed nation-wide strikes by Indian workers against anti-people policies of the imperialist-backed Indian state. The strike, supported by organizations such as the Revolutionary Democratic Front, indicates a growing class¬†consciousness among Indian masses. Nearly 70% of Indians live on less that $2 a day, a result of neo-colonial policies which favor western […]

The reformed Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) recently held its seventh general convention. It was the first such event since it formally split from the revisionist Unified Communist Party of Nepal last summer. During and immediately after the convention, the CPN-Maoist vowed to carry forth a strategy of ‘people’s revolt.’ They also took the opportunity […]

At least 11 workers at a tea plantation in the north-east Indian state of Assam have died due to starvation or malnutrition recently. After the privately-owned tea plantation closed in October of last year, its owner fled and refused to pay the workers’ wages from the previous nine weeks. Left without any means of subsistence […]

Rather than advancing humanity with new achievements as they often claim, the United States and other governments are allocating hundreds of billions of dollars to develop real-life ‘Terminators.’ Except in this case, the immediate danger isn’t that such automated armed machines will go rogue and attack all of humanity, but rather they will be used […]

By Peter Brown While it is seldom mentioned in the Western media, the Naxalite rebellion in India represents a significant threat to the establishment in its effectiveness and its level of popular support. According to some reports, the Naxals control up to one-third of India’s territory at any given time, and in some places they […]

This essay by Bernard D’Mello was published last month by Monthly Review. In it, the author provides a multi-faceted, definite view of Maoism. We are posting it here for critical discussion, in large part because it approaches Maoism from a historical perspective and describes it as an outgrowth and class and ideological struggles. Posting here […]