On the new Dialectics online radio show, Glenn Spaguolo spoke with Nikolai Brown about the history of colonization in Hawai’i, a recent FOIA request which revealed US meddling in New Caledonia, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Next week, Gregory C. Lewis from All Power to the Positive joins to discuss the 20th anniversary of the Zapatista […]

Political analyses aside, these videos serve as examples of creativity and professionalism applied to agitation. While substance is important, so is form. Anti-imperialists should strive to convey revolutionary politics in forms which effectively capture attention. h/t to┬áSukant Chandan of Sons of Malcolm for first posting this live set by British hip hop artist Akala: This […]

After Sorrow Comes Joy! is a Marxist (Third Worldist) podcast featuring news, analysis, and music. This Week’s Headlines: Oil Spill in Arkansas France Aims to Keep Forces in Mali CPN(M) leads general strike FEMEN and the irony of Western ‘Feminism’ Protest Drones in St. Louis Beats: Sun Rise Above- Obomba Pretty Lights- Hot Like Sauce […]

After Sorrow Comes Joy! is a Third Worldist podcast hosted by Nikolai Brown. This week: ‘An analysis of classes in modern society’ ‘What is to be done’ Beats: Lucifer- Lowkey Kids(Bukez Finezt Dubstep Bootleg)- MGMT What’s the Difference- Dr. Dre

After Sorrow Comes Joy is a revolutionary, anti-imperialist, Marxist, Third Worldist podcast. Like, bookmark us, and download past episodes at http://www.aftersorrowcomesjoy.podomatic.com Episode 5 Headlines: What’s New Online RAIMers challenge ISO’s support for “Syrian Revolution” Hungary Destroys Monstanto GMO Seeds Mailbag: The False Liberal Paradigm of Democracy v Authoritarianism Beats: The Prince is Coming- AraabMuzik Pull […]

After Sorrow Comes Joy is a revolutionary anti-imperialism news and analysis podcast. Check it out episode four and share it with you comrades. Headlines: US saber-rattles against N. Korea ISO rallies behind US State Department Blackwater was a ‘virtual extension’ of the CIA Mailbag: What’s up with the Naxals? Bangers: Death March- Immortal Technique Know […]

After Sorrow Comes Joy! is a Marxist, Third Worldist news and analysis podcast. Episode three is now up. Be sure to promote it, download it, and distribute it… or better yet, create a new media project and send it to us! This week’s headlines: Death of Hugo Chavez New Pope EU clears way for arms […]

Check out the new After Sorrow Comes Joy podcast. The new format is ultra-short (6-10 minutes) and features news and commentaries with musical interludes in between. Episode 2 debuts co-host Gil Gamesh and features an interview with Daniel Salcido of Resistencia Mexicana.