In this episode of On Mass Mubarak discusses the dynamics and implications of the movie “Black Panther” and the contours of Black liberation. Neither the On Mass podcast nor its producer have any connection to, but we support their endeavor and hope to see many more creative projects of this type spring up. As always, this content is […]

[On behalf of RAIM and the editorial board of, J. Alexander talks with Jeff J. Brown, a China-based progressive anti-imperialist author, host of China Rising Radio Sinoland and senior editor at The Greanville Post, about prospects for revolution, the labor aristocracy, and the nature of Russian and Chinese global power.] Jeff J. Brown: Ramin […]

We are happy to a hear of a new podcast produced by a supporter of the PCR-RCP which covers topics in Maoism and Anti-Imperialism. Their first episode is an interview with the Maoist philosopher and author JMP, who runs the blog M-L-M Mayhem!, on topics related to his book “Continuity and Rupture”. Although On Mass nor […]

On the new Dialectics online radio show, Glenn Spaguolo spoke with Nikolai Brown about the history of colonization in Hawai’i, a recent FOIA request which revealed US meddling in New Caledonia, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Next week, Gregory C. Lewis from All Power to the Positive joins to discuss the 20th anniversary of the Zapatista […]

After Sorrow Comes Joy! is a Marxist (Third Worldist) podcast featuring news, analysis, and music. This Week’s Headlines: Oil Spill in Arkansas France Aims to Keep Forces in Mali CPN(M) leads general strike FEMEN and the irony of Western ‘Feminism’ Protest Drones in St. Louis Beats: Sun Rise Above- Obomba Pretty Lights- Hot Like Sauce […]

After Sorrow Comes Joy! is a Third Worldist podcast hosted by Nikolai Brown. This week: ‘An analysis of classes in modern society’ ‘What is to be done’ Beats: Lucifer- Lowkey Kids(Bukez Finezt Dubstep Bootleg)- MGMT What’s the Difference- Dr. Dre

After Sorrow Comes Joy is a revolutionary, anti-imperialist, Marxist, Third Worldist podcast. Like, bookmark us, and download past episodes at Episode 5 Headlines: What’s New Online RAIMers challenge ISO’s support for “Syrian Revolution” Hungary Destroys Monstanto GMO Seeds Mailbag: The False Liberal Paradigm of Democracy v Authoritarianism Beats: The Prince is Coming- AraabMuzik Pull […]

After Sorrow Comes Joy is a revolutionary anti-imperialism news and analysis podcast. Check it out episode four and share it with you comrades. Headlines: US saber-rattles against N. Korea ISO rallies behind US State Department Blackwater was a ‘virtual extension’ of the CIA Mailbag: What’s up with the Naxals? Bangers: Death March- Immortal Technique Know […]

After Sorrow Comes Joy! is a Marxist, Third Worldist news and analysis podcast. Episode three is now up. Be sure to promote it, download it, and distribute it… or better yet, create a new media project and send it to us! This week’s headlines: Death of Hugo Chavez New Pope EU clears way for arms […]

Check out the new After Sorrow Comes Joy podcast. The new format is ultra-short (6-10 minutes) and features news and commentaries with musical interludes in between. Episode 2 debuts co-host Gil Gamesh and features an interview with Daniel Salcido of Resistencia Mexicana.

Check out the new After Sorrow Comes Joy mini-cast. Hosted by Nick Brown, ASCJ features news, analysis, and a few bangers. Listen Now!