Throughout the United States, Klamerikans will be joining hands in fascistic celebration of its rapists and murders foot soldiers for imperialism public mercenaries “heroic soldiers.” In light of this disgusting display of imperialist jingoism, we bring you this message: “Fuck the Troops!”

A new independent documentary, Red Ant Dream, chronicles the recent struggle by India’s Maoist. From the looks of the trailers, it may be fairly interesting.

Political analyses aside, these videos serve as examples of creativity and professionalism applied to agitation. While substance is important, so is form. Anti-imperialists should strive to convey revolutionary politics in forms which effectively capture attention. h/t to Sukant Chandan of Sons of Malcolm for first posting this live set by British hip hop artist Akala: This […]

We here at would like to take this time to promote an important project organized by comrades here in the Colorado area.  The Tierra Amarilla Youth Leadership Institute is raising needed funds for their project.  We encourage readers to go to their site and contribute.  Go to Money given to this is better spent […]

The aim in posting this short video, entitled India’s Red Tide, is not to imply uncritical support for the Naxalites but to better understand how social and economic conditions in the global south give rise to the possibility of a people’s war model of revolutionary class struggle, as well as its potentials and limitations. As the […]

Manufacturing Dissent: The Truth About Syria is a recent documentary by Lizzie Phelan and Mostafa Afzalzadeh which uncovers manipulation by mainstream media and US officials in the pursuit of regime change in Syria. As revolutionary anti-imperialists our duty is to support a global united front against US-led imperialism and oppose all its various schemes.  From the […]

Immanuel Wallerstein, speaking in the video at the Progress Paradox Conference, is a founder of the ‘world-systems analysis’ school of thought. World-systems analysis is an attempt to offer a historical materialist summary of the 20th century and highlight potential possibilities for future revolutionary struggle. Wallerstein’s recent text, World-Systems Analysis: An Introduction, will be part of […]

In this short video, Shubel Morgan explains why Amerikans are so wealthy compared to those in the Third World. It is not because of so-called ‘advanced technology.’ Amerika is wealthy because it exploits the world’s people. Shubel Morgan also penned a highly recommendable six-part essay (collected in a single PDF, here) which deals with the […]

The United States, irrespective of its presidential leadership, is the foremost aggressor and the principal enemy of the world’s people. 

This episode of the Pinky Show raises issues such as personal agency, moral obligation, institutional power and the role of university education, in the explicit context of imperialism and imperialist privilege. It starts off a bit slow, but begins to pick up towards the middle. While we don’t claim this video offers any relevant answers, […]

This following video of an interview by historian and author Webster Tarpley offers an interesting, geo-political perspective on modern dynamics related to imperialism and militarism. Posting here is for discussion and additional perspective and does not imply uncritical agreement.

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This short interview by author Peter Gelderloos gives a good explanation of the negative role “non-violence” plays within popular movements. For further reading, we suggest Pacifism as Pathology by Ward Churchill. -Nick (thanks to Speed of Dreams for bringing this video to our attention)