Drones kill 28 people, then hit the funeral (www.raimd.wordpress.com A recent string of bombings, killing dozens in Pakistan, has the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or “drone,” making headlines once again. So-called “Predator Drones” have become one of imperialism’s favorite tools of oppression. Bombing attacks by these vehicles are being carried out consistently and more frequently than […]

(www.antiimperialism.wordpress.com) On July 25th, 2010, the website Wikileaks released the ‘Afghan War Diary,’ over 200,000 pages detailing the US’s terroristic role in Afghanistan. (1) The documents, allegedly collected and leaked by Bradley Manning, a 22-year-old military intelligence analyst now being held on allegations of an earlier leak, consist of battlefield reports and classified intelligence estimates […]

by “Midwest RAIMster” (https://antiimperialism.wordpress.com) Marking the Iranian new year’s celebration, Nowruz, U.S. president Barack Obama released a video statement to the adversarial Middle East nation. While on the surface Obama offered his “best wishes” and the “promise of a new beginning,” such a statement can hardly be taken at face value. The statement was aimed […]