Palestinian Compradors Aid Israel In War Against Palestine ( The newly released ‘Palestine Papers,’ leaked to Al Jazeera and shared with the Guardian, reveal what many Palestinians and international supporters already know and suspect: high-level complicity between members of the Palestinian National Authority (PA) and the Israeli settler-state as part of an ongoing genocide against […]

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement has long promoted the document ‘Long Live the Victory of People’s War’ by Lin Biao as a historic example of revolutionary Third World unity in the face of imperialism. Recently, the LLCO has uncovered a Spanish translation. The entire document can be found here in Spanish and here in English. Chapter […]

Palestine and Israel: The Pit and the Pendulum ( The theatrical and the macabre are taking place again in the so-called Middle East Peace Process. Israel still wants to rid the land of the Palestinian Question. And it came as no surprise to those of us who pay attention to that part of the world. […]

US Activists’ Homes Raided, Support for Third World “Terrorists” Alleged ( On the early morning of September 24th, SWAT teams in Minneapolis and Chicago kicked in the doors of private residences, seizing computers and documents and serving grand jury subpoenas to at least thirteen US activists. The activists, many associated with First Worldist organizations, are, according […]