This following was written by Thomas Meisenhelder. As always, reposting here is for critical discussion and does not imply, agreement, endorsement, or affiliation. Cabral’s ‘The Weapon of Theory’ will be read and discussed as part of the National Liberation and Neo-Liberalism 101 course during the second semester (beginning in January) of People’s Liberation University. This is a most difficult time […]

We have long promoted and distributed certain works of J. Sakai as essential reading for revolutionary anti-imperialists, especially Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat.   Its uncompromising look at Amerikan history as one of oppression of captive nations is a sharp contrast to the left patriotism of Howard Zinn, as a previous review by […]

Crown Prince of the Black Order Revolutionary Organization details the meaning and history of Black August and Bloody September and encourages conscious prisoners to rise up and participate in a work stoppage and demonstration on September 9th. MIM-Prisons originally published this article.  Salute comrade, today we stand on this crest of time as we reach through the recess of […]

It is widely believed that white supremacy is a racist ideology- of hatred promoted by marginal extremist organizations like the Ku Klux Klan or the Aryan Nations. Often overlooked and neglected in this view are the structural inequalities that ensure the continued supremacy of whites over non-whites in all facets of social life. Also conveniently disregarded are the more subtle, yet frequent and numerous, manifestations of white supremacy that are woven into the fabric of Amerikan culture. In this sense, white supremacy is just as much of a social reality as it is an ideology. Indeed the two often go hand in hand. There are many white people who hold supreme positions in the social hierarchy, over and above the masses of non- white people, without consciously adhering to any white supremacist ideology. This essay will explore the complex reality of white supremacy in Amerika, examining its existence in the social structure, analyzing its cultural expressions, considering some of its ideological forms, and finally investigating its causes.

Like others RAIM has been observing and interacting with the Occupy movements in our region.  In contrast to the colonialist messaging of “occupying” many have pointed out that Amerika is already occupied stolen land.  And that the 99 percenters in Amerika are still part of a small percentage of the richest in the world.  MIM […]

Recently the U.S. Census Bureau released statistics showing that the poverty rate in the United States has risen.  This has been widely covered in the media,(1) (2) used by different sides in U.S. politics, and also given by many on the nominal left as confirmation of oppression of a supposed Amerikan “proletariat” in the U.S. […]

RAIM has long promoted the work of J. Sakai, particularly his book Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat.  It gives a view of the history of the United States as a settler empire, with it’s European-descended population as net benefactors of settler colonialism.  In this interview conducted by Ernesto Aguilar, originally published at Anarchist People of Color, Sakai furthers his analysis in relation to Aztlan/occupied Mexico, and the colonization of the Chicano/Mexicano peoples here.  While many left and communist formations ignore or marginalize these questions, we give credit to this interview for advancing them.  As always, reposting here does not imply overall agreement or affiliation on the part of or RAIM. -Antonio

Interview conducted and transcribed by Ernesto Aguilar, Thursday, 16 September 2004

Ernesto Aguilar conducted this interview on June 17, 2003, covering Chicano Mexicano liberation, the Southwest and settlerism, for the Latino-culture program Sexto Sol.  The show originated from KPFT in Houston, Texas.  The collective assessment of Sakai and Aguilar was that the interview was ‘ok’; part of the challenge is making larger revolutionary concepts accessible to a possibly uninitiated radio audience. Please read on with this in mind.

J.Sakai wrote a book in the 1980s called Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat. In it, Sakai takes apart U.S. history, examining the development of the U.S., the white working class and oppressed nationalities, especially Mexicanos, Africans, Native nations and Asians. He tears down popular lies about history, and posts fresh perspectives for revolutionaries of color. Continue reading

We received this from comrades associated with Mexican National Liberation. We are reposting it here for critical discussion, and, as always, reposting does not imply agreement or affiliation. – Nick  Intro This was written for the people in the movement Chicano identified and beyond. It is also a reflection. We need to continue to build, but […]

Georgia Probationers Are No Third World Workers

by Wiawimawo of MIM(Prisons) June 2011

A popular story in the bourgeois press this week gave an interesting side-by-side comparison of the lumpen in the United $tates to the Third World proletariat. The story came on the heels of new repressive practices targeting Latinos in the state of Georgia with immigration laws beginning July 1 of this year. For fear of deportation and imprisonment, both of which restrict their ability to work, migrant labor crews made up of Mexicans and Guatemalans are steering clear of Georgia. As a result fruit is rotting in the fields.(1) The story exposes the extreme parasitism of this country that cannot even harvest its own food. Amerikans are so rich and spoiled that the labor market cannot fill jobs paying above minimum wage if the work is too hard. If the labor market were free and open the jobs would fill up instantly, but Amerikans oppose this vehemently as they cannot maintain exploiter-level incomes without closed borders. In these times of economic crisis many of these parasites would have you believe that they are “struggling to put food on the table.” As they let food literally rot in the fields, we see that just is not true.

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By Nikolai Brown US Welfare Cuts Increasingly Affect Emerging Non-White Majority, No Coincidence Low birth rates amongst Whites and migration from exploited countries will lead to the US becoming majority non-White in thirty years. Compared to Whites, this non-White population will also be younger. Thus, it makes sense the Tea Party movement and the Amerikan […]

Ex-Troop Murdered in Arizona SWAT Raid After serving two terms of delivering “shock and awe” to the people of Iraq, 26-year-old former US Marine, Jose Guerena, was gunned down by a Pima County SWAT team in Tucson, Arizona. He was asleep after working a night shift when the SWAT Team arrived to serve a warrant […]

The zoot suit riots that took place in Los Angeles in 1943 are an indictment of the inherent racism of the American armed forces. The riots began after the much-publicized trial and subsequent conviction of Henry Leyvas and associates for the murder of Jose Diaz. Henry Leyvas and his girlfriend were beaten by rival pachucos […]

Recently, Indigenous activist, Dr. Waziyatawin, gave a speech in which she called for the return of Indigenous land and sovereignty “by any means necessary.” Right on! This Indigenous national liberation struggle in the heart of empire– one which RAIM fully supports– needs allies. These allies are not to be found amongst Whites, which throughout history […]

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement has long promoted the document ‘Long Live the Victory of People’s War’ by Lin Biao as a historic example of revolutionary Third World unity in the face of imperialism. Recently, the LLCO has uncovered a Spanish translation. The entire document can be found here in Spanish and here in English. Chapter […]

By RAIM-Denver

With sentiment against migrants in Amerika growing, construction of the barrier wall along the U.S. border with Mexico continues.  This is a result of the increased militarization along the border regions.  The border was imposed by military force over 150 years ago, and the desperate attempt to keep migrants out is not only causing a grave humanitarian crisis but also devastating ecological impacts. Continue reading

The following speech was delivered in Aurora, Colorado by RAIM member, Antonio, on December 12th, 2010 at a rally and protest in support of imprisoned and deported migrants at the Geo Detention Center.  The rally marked the anniversary of raids at the Swift plant in Greeley: “In the current noise about immigration, the word criminal […]

By Siglo, Monkey Smashes Heaven ( Mexico: The Frozen Revolution Directed by Raymundo Gleyzer, 1971 The documentary Mexico: The Frozen Revolution was directed by Raymundo Gleyzer in 1971. Gleyzer was a documentary filmmaker from Argentina who was involved with Cine de la Base, committed to bring revolutionary films to the people. In 1976 Gleyzer was […]

Every year in October, in cities throughout the US and occupied America, celebrations and parades are held on Kolumbus Day, in honor of Khristopher Kolumbus. And every year, though in fewer cities, these celebrations are met with resistance by those concerned with indigenous sovereignty and colonialism. This year, the protests continue.

We oppose Kolumbus Day because it is a de facto celebration of conquest, including the genocide and land theft waged against First Nations. Upon arriving in modern-day Haiti/Dominican Republic and viewing the native Tainos, Kolumbus remarked, “with fifty men, we could subjugate them all.” Thirty years after his arrival, the island’s Native population had declined by 90%. This pattern would be recreated across the Americas, particularly in the United States, where a campaign of genocide was waged against First Nation peoples by White settlers. Kolumbus would also pioneer slavery in the Americas, a phenomenon that would officially last nearly 400 years yet remains in the form of exploitation of the masses south of the militarily-imposed US-Mexico border and throughout the Third World.

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Machete (2010, Ethan Maniquin and Robert Rodriguez) and The Baader Meinhof Complex (2008, Uli Edel) are two recent movies set in imperialist countries, both depicting armed struggle against reactionaries. Machete garnered criticism prior to its release, including campaigns by White supremacists to have the film pulled from Amerikan theaters, ostensibly for fear its depiction of […]

  (Author’s note: This was written in the early part of 2010, my hopes being that it could have been published earlier. In the various feedback I’ve received, two main things stood out. First, there is not a consensus amongst those queried for comments about the various topics, and in some cases contradictory responses about […]