Middle East and North Africa: People’s Just Struggles Lead to Cosmetic Changes Without Revolutionary Leadership by Soso of MIM(Prisons) Starting in Tunisia on December 17, and spreading across the region in January and February, the people of north Africa and the Middle East are taking to the streets to fight brutal dictatorships in their respective […]

Recently, Indigenous activist, Dr. Waziyatawin, gave a speech in which she called for the return of Indigenous land and sovereignty “by any means necessary.” Right on! This Indigenous national liberation struggle in the heart of empire– one which RAIM fully supports– needs allies. These allies are not to be found amongst Whites, which throughout history […]

In a remarkable display of protest and challenge by oppressed people against ever-expanding imperialist domination, 10,000 Haitian farmers gathered on June 4th, 2010 to burn over 400 tons of ‘aid’ seeds donated by the US-based multinational corporation, Monsanto. Continue reading

A recent report came out from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) showing that food prices rose to a record high in December 2010 and will likely continue rising higher than ever before.  (1)(2)(3)(4)(5) The FAO index, which began compiling data in 1990, measures monthly price changes in cereals, oil seeds, dairy, meat, and […]

Author and activist, Arundhati Roy, discusses the effects of imperialism in India and the resistance it has caused. A poiniant moment comes at 16:21, after she is asked about the Ghandian ethos in relation to the contemporary struggles the Indian people face.

By RAIM-Denver

With sentiment against migrants in Amerika growing, construction of the barrier wall along the U.S. border with Mexico continues.  This is a result of the increased militarization along the border regions.  The border was imposed by military force over 150 years ago, and the desperate attempt to keep migrants out is not only causing a grave humanitarian crisis but also devastating ecological impacts. Continue reading

Monsanto, Settlers Inadvertently Create New Superweeds (www.antiimperialism.wordpress.com) Over a decade ago, Monsanto made a supposed breakthrough. The idea was simple: sell both genetically-modified seeds and herbicide which would kill all other plant-life. It was marketed with great success to Amerikan farm-owners as a low-cost, high-output alternative to traditional agricultural methods. Critics called it “Frankenfood.” Now, […]

Water and imperialism (www.raimd.wordpress.com) Water is essential, in various ways, to all human activity. Water is something that humans, literally, cannot do without. Every human needs water in order live and to have a good life. Societies need water in order to be provide for the survival of their populations. Usable water, as a resource, […]

In Oxford, Alabama something awful is happening. A hill, on top of which lies a Native American rock mound, is being destroyed in order to procure fill-dirt for a new Sam’s Club a few miles away. The rocks were arranged on the 200 foot (60 meter) rise over a millennium ago. The site was fundamental […]

Your Playstation Has Real Blood On It (raimd.wordpress.com)   There has been recent interest in the news lately on a report by the liberal activist group Toward Freedom around what has been dubbed the “Playstation War.” It describes how the demand for a key metal used in the Sony Playstation 2 video game console was […]

The following is an excerpt from a essay titled The Socialist Project in a Disintegrated Capitalist World, written by Greek writer Arghiri Emmanuel in 1976. The North-South division It is largely accepted today that development and under-development are not autonomous and juxtaposed phenomena which can be examined each within its own terms, but that they […]