According to a recent poll, over three-quarters of French citizens agree with recent comments by Manuel Valls, a [National] Socialist French Interior Minister, that Roma are “different” and “will have to return to Bulgaria and Romania.” Roma, or Romani (historically known by the pejorative “Gypsies,” implying their supposed Egyptian or otherwise non-European origin), migrated from […]

It is a paradox of third world nationalism that the nation itself was more or less forged by colonial partition and then later become a force of emancipation for the colonized. In this sense, the nation must be understood as both a product of colonialism and a form of resistance to it. Nationalism, then, in […]

Recently, the question was posed to myself and other activists, “A lot of (white) people I know are asking about resources where they can educate themselves about antiracism and collective liberation. Got any website/book/podcast suggestions for beginners?”

Here is a slightly expanded version of my response:

As books go…

J. Sakai’sThe Mythology of the White Proletariat‘ is probably the quintessential historical narrative of US history from a non-white perspective. It attempts to find the origin of ‘racism’ in privilege and oppression vis a vis Capital (including land). It’s written from an unorthodox Marxist perspective as well, so it helps to have some background knowledge of Marxist terminology as well as US history.

False Nationalism, False Internationalism‘ (by E. Tani and Kaé Sera,) is considered the sequel to ‘Settlers’ and critically discusses the interplay between white allies and non-white communities during the struggles of the 60’s and 70’s.

Nightvision: Illuminating War and Class on the Neo-Colonial Terrain‘ (by Butch Lee and Red Rover) is considered the third book in the series, updates the ideas to the 90’s to include globalization, adds feminist ideas to the general gist of the series and discusses culture more. It should be noted that all three of these books challenge the idea that ‘races’ exist at all, instead using the term ‘nation,’ with the implication that shared history, common culture and definable relations with other nations is the essence of their constitution (and not something innate like genetics or biological features or even phenotype). I generally operate under this assumption and think it should be noted that the whole concept of ‘race’ was literally something created by Europeans to rationalize colonization. Continue reading