[The following has been reposted from Kersplebedeb and as always is for the purposes of discussion] “The great divide between humans and animals provided a standard by which to judge other people, both at home and elsewhere. If the essence of humanity was defined as consisting of a specific quality or set of qualities, such […]

In 4 paragraphs and 376 words from the book “Anarchism – Arguments For & Against”, the anarcho-communist theoritician Albert Meltzer, following a long tradition of anarchist shallowness of critique, tried to take down the Marxist concept of the vanguard. He made the following arguments: The vanguard party was conjured by Lenin in a country where […]

Recently, there has been a some discussion about potential changes in contemporary class structure, and how this could lead to potentially increasing social unrest. Assuming minor shifts in global power dynamics between marginally independent class blocs (western monopoly capital, the national monopoly capital of BRIC countries, third world comprador bourgeoisie, the First World labor aristocracy) […]