[Circulated 12/06/17 by the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement wholeheartedly endorses the position of the PYM on the imperialist selection of Al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist entity.] We, the Palestinian Youth Movement, condemn the recent iterations of the US Settler government advancing the Zionist entity’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine. We […]

By Burn the Tombs During the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, a coalition of nominally left parties will be seeking unity with elements of the white populist wing of the Democratic Party currently represented by the Bernie Sanders campaign. Under the banner of a “Socialist Convergence,” the political goals of this collection of panel […]

]Rarely do we repost content from other sites, even those affiliated with our cause. We respect the direction and authorship of our recommended sites and wish not to impede their development. However, we are reposting the following with the official approval of the author and editor of the original site. The original post can be […]

Anti-Imperialism.com and its associates have long asserted the movement for national liberation of oppressed nations within settler-imperialist countries is the regional forefront of the global revolutionary movement. First Worldist vacillation between ignoring struggles for national liberation or sweeping them under the rug of a non-existent ‘multi-national’ [i.e., White-centered] grand movement for ‘socialism’ [i.e., social-imperialism] is the norm of First […]